24 ways to style Burgundy pants for winter, fall and summer.

“Fall’s favourite colour is difficult to style”, “Black, grey and white are the only colors that go with burgundy”, ” Ah! burgundy is my favourite colour to wear but in pants”.

Have you also come across this statements? Well, I have. The people’s favourite colour is indeed a statement colour. But the ways of styling it remains same.

Burgundy pants are often seen styled with white, black and grey upper wear. So, I thought why not create something unique. Why settle for same old styles?

We have divided different styles, patterns and fabric into 6 categories. Don’t stay limited to fall, Enjoy your winters and spring with this colour. Before we talk about each category in depth, remember to pick your favourite burgundy pants. You can choose Blend Boot- cut , Wide leg trouser, Belted trouser, Legging , Jegging or skinny Jean’s. Whatever you choose goes well with all our outfit ideas.

Ready to rock the statement colour.

• Knitted sweaters with Burgundy pants.

☆ A nice cutout light baby pink sweater with burgundy denim makes you look casual as well as stylish. Add a statement burgundy backpack to lift the overall look. This outfit makes you ready to turn the heat in winters.

☆ Next look is to get a cute baby pinkish sweater out of your closet. Style this sweater with a lace turtleneck to keep this look standout. For accessories, you can go with studded rings or the one with detailed design.

☆ Third look is to not play safe. By this I mean to say don’t always go for light on dark look. This look is created to look a little bit sassy. Turtleneck velvet or burgundy sweater along with these denims gives you ‘the chic’ look. A black belt gives a little edge and earmuffs to keep your ears warm.

☆ Number 4 look is for cardigans. To get this look, you need Dinah’s open cardigan or your favourite cardigan. But remember to choose the colour a little wisely. A little delicate ring completes the look. This look is all about the cozy and classy look.

• Printed Tops with Burgundy Pants.

☆ Prints and burgundy are absolutely love. You just need to sprinkle the right one. A printed tee of splattered colors goes well with these pants. No doubt , this look makes you look unique. Carry a printed clutch to give you a nudge.

☆ This is one of my favourite print -Floral print. A floral print on a solid colour just gives that soft look. Floral top with studded earrings gives a signature look. Make a statement holding the stylish handbag.

☆ Woody floral print is new in our closet and trust me it will stay long. This print is detailed design – the leavy threaded design, the flowers and a sunset shade. As the design is in depth, grab a solid velvet clutch to give a fresh look.

• Crop tops with Burgundy pants.

☆ Crop tops are evergreen. Want to show waistline that are goals to others – get a crop top and my magic says that you have many. A orange printed crop top styled with these pants are damn stylish. Add a little black – A beaded choker necklace and a black clutch adds statement to your overall outfit.

☆ Ah! that cute burgundy top with mirror work with balloon sleeves give you a 2019 princess look. As the mirror work adds a dazzling look, pick your favourite diamond earrings. You are ready to set the party on fire.

☆ Mostly girls have a black crop top for sure. You know Burgundy and black are hell of a combination. Try with black earrings or you can go up with a statement necklace. A coffee date, a walk – create a stylish statement with this look.

☆ Who doesn’t love gold glitter? Time to dazzle with this sparkly golden crop top. A golden-silver ring will add a little sparkle. You can also wear that golden choker to shine in your gang.

• Off – shoulder tops with burgundy pants.

☆ Want to flaunt your perfectly toned shoulders? This is where off shoulder tops come in the picture. A red ruffled off shoulder top with added burgundy belt flaunting your waistline goes so well with these pants. Choosing a string knot or bow choker makes the look come out nicely.

☆ This has been my favourite look. A light ocean blue off shoulder top adds the cool and fresh look. Add blue studded earrings to keep your look elegant. One used in the picture is Anna’s off shoulder top.

☆ Here goes the third look with off shoulder tops. An asymmetrical off shoulder top really provides the slight edge to the whole look. It goes beautifully with burgundy trousers. Black round choker with a little gems looks gorgeous.

☆ Olive colour is uniquely awesome. An olive tunic top with the detailings at the end gives a statement look. Knotted chocker and an olive hat gives the look worth noticing. So, get ready to be noticed by people and let them hush over your style.

• Shirts with burgundy pants.

☆ Ready to rock the formals. A light blue shirt styled with burgundy denims create a classy look. Create a statement with black leather belt. For this look, I chose Gucci belt. This outfit creates a classy formal look.

☆ A blue denim shirt with a twist of check shirt creates a tomboyish and stylish look. A collar necklace around the collar give you a gorgeous look. Radiating the style are you ready to shine.

☆ Third look is to create the casual tomboyish style. This double denim-checkered shirt is goals. It goes well with your burgundy denims. A classy watch on the wrist mark the look on point. A bike ride or a gang meet – this look sure knows how to rock.

☆ This printed shirt with floral pattern goes well with burgundy denims.Choose carved out rings to give a nice look. With these shirts, try to keep the accessories minimal.

• Sheer or lace tops with burgundy pants.

☆ If we talk about trends and not talk about lace or sheer tops that will be unfair. This black lace top with sheer and lace work adds a sexy look with burgundy denim. Add a cute pair of earrings to add the edge.

☆ A sheer red bow-tie top goes well with burgundy denim. Add a pair of dark black earrings to style the glamorous look. Let the spotlight be on you, darling.

☆ Sheer black top with a little bell sleeve detailing. You can style it with your favourite earrings and you are ready to steal the light.

☆ This look is quite fascinating. Purplish bowtie shirt is in trends to create a versatile look. Studied floral earrings is cherry on cake. Grab your favourite pair of aviator glasses to get the look that make people go *WOW*.

☆ This is my favourite street style. An olive tee with these pants creates the street chic look. An elegant belt will enhance your waistline. Classic watch on the wrist is ready to make people heads turn. A classic street look is created by this look.

These are all the ways in which you can style your favourite pants. You can try few more styles and send me the pic. I’ll definitely show it here.

PS Let me know which is your favourite style in the comments. See you next time, till then stay classy and stylish.


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