8 proven remedies for hypertension which are more effective than medications.

In US around 75 million adults are suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension. Not only this, but around $48.6 billion is spend each year on the medication and treatments.

To save you from spending so much money on the chemical products. Today, we are going to discuss 8 proven remedies for hypertension. But before that let’s have a look at stats.

Hypertension – A look at stats.

Well, the stats are even more terrifying. According to GHO, about 7.5 million deaths are caused by high blood pressure. In which 21% included youth, mostly between 6-19 years.

Not only men but women in early 30s are prone to have hypertension due to stressful lifestyle.

The reason behind hypertension is stressful environment and our diet. There are many remedies which people use around the world to control their blood pressure.

But I’ve listed out the 8 proven remedies for hypertension. These remedies are really useful for controlling your blood pressure. Even other diseases such as diabetes, strokes are cured by these.

8 proven remedies for hypertension :-

1). Beetroot.

Beetroot contains nitrate which is very rarely found in fruits which helps to soften the arteries so they can relax.

It reduces blood pressure around 4-10 mm hg in just few hours after the consumption.

Also reducing stroke by 14% and cardiovascular diseases by 9%. Many nutritionist recommend to include beetroot in our diet.

2). Banana.

It’s not wrong to say that it is the most loved fruit among the children’s as well as adults. The reason for banana to be in this list is its potassium rich attribute.

It contains 422 mg of potassium in every 100 gm. It provides overall protection to your heart.

About 35% skip their breakfast to reach on work which is a harmful practice. It is very important to give your body enough nutrients in the morning.

The ideal step is to include a banana in your breakfast. It contains about 3% fibre and helps to avoid any cardiovascular disease including hypertension.

3). Dates.

If we are talking about potassium rich food, how can dates be not in this list?

Dates contain thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin A, vitamin C. It is rich in potassium and helps to regulate blood pressure.

Eat 5-6 dates daily. It helps you to get the right amount of magnesium needed for healthy blood flow. It helps to regulate blood pressure.

Soak few dates in water at night and eat them in the morning.

4). Ginger.

The most favorite kitchen ingredient is here. As, it contains volatile oils and phenol compounds like gingerols and shogaols. These compounds help to reduce blood pressure.

It also helps to reduce arthritis and cancerous tumors. Ginger is known to be a mild stimulant as it is low in sodium.

It helps to relieve tired muscles and even avoid inflammation arthritis.

5). Blueberries.

Berries are called as superfood because of its antioxidant properties. It increases nitric oxide which helps to relax and widen vessels.

Dr. Sarah Johnson stated that the daily consumption of blueberries results in low hypertension as well as arterial stiffness.

One cup of delicious fresh berries results in maintaining blood pressure.

6). Lemon.

The rich source of vitamin C is also rich in potassium. The antioxidant properties and folate helps to reduce clog in arthritis.

One glass of lemon juice helps in reducing blood pressure. Try to season your salad with lemon juice. But be careful, studies show excess consumption of lemon will lead to heartburn.

A quarter cup of lemon juice contains about 31% vitamin C ,3% folate and 2% potassium . it heps in reducing strokes.

7) Cashews and Almonds.

The preference of almonds and cashews among all dry fruits is because of its magnesium content. Magnesium rich food helps in bodily processes.

Lack of magnesium results in blood pressure complications. One cup of almonds and cashews provide a whooping 300 mg.

8). Kale.

It is known as the “superfood“. Being a part of spinach family, it is rich in vitamins, minerals, magnesium and potassium.

Kale is very rich in potassium which is strongly linked to lower blood pressure. It lowers the hypertension as much as a medication does.

It is the best remedy to control blood pressure. If you got the choice to pick a green leafy vegetable, it must be kale.

These are the 8 proven remedies for hypertension. Your body is nothing but a result of your diet. The fresher you eat, the less prone are you to fall for diseases.

Do visit your doctor thrice a month. Live a healthy lifestyle and it’ll lead you towards happy life.

PS – Exercise regularly. Eat healthy and consume potassium and magnesium rich food. Don’t stress on things. Be positive.

The one thing or habit you can add is to read a book everyday. It helps you to relax and enhance positivity. It’s very important to read a book effectively to reap the benefit of reading.

Any queries feel free to share here. I will get back to you.


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