90s evergreen outfits that must be in your closet|complete guide.

90s was the “Best decade” in every ground. Be it Music, Movies, Literature, Fashion and Technology. The slangs were popular and WWW became the official internet service. I don’t quite remember as what fashion was popular being a kid. Because 90s kids don’t have much choice and we’d least care about that. Our fashion stylist and critique was our mother. She bought whatever she thought would suit us. Sometimes it turns out to be cool but otherwise a disaster.

But our favourite stars look breathtaking in those outfits. And I thought maybe their mothers go to different shops.

How can we forget our favorite Icons and their fashion sense? Jennifer Aniston’s khaki skirts and slip dresses, Britney Spears pigtails and crop tops, Sarah Jessica Casper’s hair and high waisted jeans. Ah! and Drew Barrymore’s bohemian style and piercings. Off topic – I need some tissues

When I thought its the time to bid farewell to 90s fashion, it popped back as it never went. Bringing all the 90s fashion that you need to keep in your closet to rock the amazing looks.

Are you ready to walk down the memory lane and pick your favorites? Come with some tissues though.

20 trends of 90s that are back in style.

Florals are here to stay.

Spring, fall or summer – floral are season’s favorite. Sandra Bullock flaunted florals and it became a hit. Florals came a long way from our cushion covers to our walls of the living room. And finally reached our closet. Even in 2018 runaway Dolce & Gabban, Marc Jacobs and Gucci Spring presented floral patterns.

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Rock the floral patterns in shirts, midi dress. Even you can go with floral footwears also.

Pic source – style closet.

• Leather jackets – Iconic look.

In 1940s and 1950s, these jackets were popularized by actor Jimmy Stewart. In 1980s and 1990s, the leather jacket was considered as the symbol of “ Cool attitude”. It was so popular that many US schools banned it.

Later it came in Blue, Green, Yellow and in many patterns. These were inspired by many comic books and became the signature punk look. It lasts about 20 years when treated with proper care.

Pic source – style closet.

• Black dress is the ultimate trendsetter.

Yes, it was in 90s that LBD ( little black dress) became so popular. At the opening of ” Breakfast at Tiffany” the black dress worn by Audrey Hepburn was later sold for 1 million dollar.

It was Rachel Green who later made this look sexy and cute at the same time. She rocked this look with utmost grace. It is wildly popular between young girls.

Pic source – style closet.

• Little Bright with Neon.

This trend in 90s was a symbol of new, youthful and cheerful. Mostly it became a choice of club kids. Who would’ve thought that such bright colors will have such crazy admirers?

Bright colours was the signature look for wild parties. Kendall Jenner pulled off Neon look so well that it had to return to the closet. Talking about the sensational look of Deepika Padukone at Cannes 2019 seems like a dreamy story.

Pic source – style closet.

• Overalls are the new sexy.

I didn’t know the term overalls. So,I just referred to them as Will Smith’s bottom. It was huge hit in teenagers. They were specially worn to work because the fabric was light weight and breathable.

Shortalls were later introduced for summers. These were the shorter version of overalls. And have you read ” how to kill a mocking bird” . Scout clothing portrayed tomboyish look that was confirmed from the statement “She wears overalls because she can’t *do nothing* in dress”.

Pic source – style closet.

• Khaki skirts was never really gone.

Whenever khaki skirt pops in our mind. Background music turns out to be of friends. The coolest collection of skirts belonged to Rachel Green. And no one rocked 90s fashion like her.

You can pair it up with Baby tee, Sleeveless turtleneck, tie updo tops. Pick your favorite knee high boots and you are ready to rock the bars.

Pic source – style closet.

• Gingham were the coolest.

Gingham means ‘stripped’. They were the cool, breathable and light-weight clothes. Usually seen in red/white or blue/white patterns.

It always represent two things – Nostalgia and Youth. The gingham look may come and go but vintage style is incomplete without them.

Pic source – style closet.

• Slip dress that never slipped from fashion statements.

Ah! this is one of my favorites. These were made for the purpose of an underslip that was worn to depict the proper figure. But fashion gave it a little touch and became a complete style in itself. Fashion icons rocked the Slip dresses on many music festivals and award shows.

You can style Slip dress in following ways-

  • Sweater under your slip dress gives you the boho look.
  • Camo tops under the slip dress gives the 90s touch. You can also use flannel shirts to tie on your waist.
  • Button down shirt under your slip dress always gives the sexy chic look.
  • Pic source – style closet.

• Knee high boots.

I know it never really got out of style but it was in 90s that this trend started. Wearing it under plaid skirts and khaki skirts became the statement. Some also wore it under jeans and dresses. Need to say, they are flexible enough to make statement no matter what you wore.

• Checkered pants under check.

Checks give the 90s feel and we are overwhelmed by the images popping in our head. You can wear it with oversized sweaters or baby tees. Black/white were the ultimate check print but later on the fashion industry evolved so many check prints. You need one in your closet to have 90s look.

Flannel shirts.

It was gone until Gigi hadid, the fashion icon decided to flaunt it. And it came in the fashion again. The cool shirts were popular in the black/red print. But various prints rocked the market giving an edge to 90s fashion.

Pic source – style closet.

• Combat boots.

Boots were very popular in 90s because of its durability and look. The fashion still rules many hearts and people tend to go with boots than shoes. Grab them if you don’t have them. 90s themed parties are incomplete without them.

90s Accessories that are back in style.

Clothes of 90s are making a bang comeback to your closet. But have you wondered about 90s accessories. Yes, they are also crawling in your closet slowly. Make way for them. Off topic – Are you cutting onions?

• Srunch with scrunchies.

Oh gosh! I lost count of how many I had back there. The reason for scrunchies being popular was as they can be worn on your wrist as accessory too. And they don’t damage your hairs because the fabric have weak tension. Keep in a bun or wear it in a pony tail. 90s first love will always be Srcunchies.

Pic source – style closet.

• Claw clip.

Remember your mother always wore it in bun. Yes, they are back again. Gift your mother this and she’ll be happy. It was linked to a particular bun style. And now they come with bow pattern attached to it.

Pic source – style closet.

• Animal backpacks – Meow.

Remember cute cat, dog and fish going with you. Animal backpacks were so popular in 90s that every person wants to have it. Though backpacks never went out of fashion. They evolved with studded designs and blings. But none can compete with animals.

Pic source – style closet.

• Bandana.

The beauty is here. Worn around neck to give the tomboyish look while around bun, it gave the cool look. Even in 90s it was flaunted as headbands which some fashion bloggers are flaunting even today.

• Bum bags to keep your things together.

Bum bags were popular in 90s though. But even today from Kendall Jenner to Justin Bieber flaunted it in style. These were made to keep your things together. Many bloggers and vloggers carry bum bags.

Pic source – style closet.

• Grunge glasses.

Once a statement always a statement. Nothing can go wrong with this accessory. Still rulling our accessory shelf. Grunge glasses are coolest ones to have and flaunt.

Pic source – style closet.

Hairstyles making a stylish comeback.

Copying the hairstyles was 90s memory. Remember how we tear apart the pictures of our favorite stars and asked the mommy to do the exact thing. And even when we we go for cutting our hairs, we’ve special instructions for them too. Let’s see what were the some epic styles of 90s.

• Long Layered Hairs.

This was one of the most popular haitstyle of 90s. And who can forget Cindy crawford in high waisted jeans and sleeveless turtleneck wearing this hairstyles. It was really breathtaking hairstyles of 90s.

Pic source – Instagram

• Shaggy Bob.

It was similar to blunt bob but keeping the hair thinner on one side, gives you shaggy look. Jennifer Anistom wore this look when dubbing of friends was going on. Still one of the coolest and messy hairstyle.

Pic source – Instagram.

• Pig tails.

Britney spear in pink crop top with cute pig tails is one of the most loved style. Even spice girls rocked this style. And I don’t know if schools copied this style from them. But it still is the cutest style to rock.

Pic source- getty images.

• Space buns.

Spice girls started many trends and all were hit. Space buns were the two cute buns on either side. Many fashion influencers rock this style and chose to wear it with statement choker.

• Half-up Half-down.

One of the most copied styles of 90s. Oh! how we loved Rachel’s this look. Still many people copy this style as it never went out of fashion just like Friends. Evergreen one.

• Crimps.

This hairstyle was the most popular in teens. Crimping was done using a crimping iron to get those petfectly styled crimps. But if you want to get loose crimps,just braid your hairs and leave it overnight and bam! Loose and messy crimps are ready.

• Chignon bun.

Sophisticated and elegant looks are completed with this hairstyle. You can rock the bun for formal events . This style is still rocked at many events included Cannes too.

Characters you can play in 90s themed parties and steal the looks.

Iconic characters that you can play in 90s themed parties. Play the ‘wannabe’ song and let’s start with the popular characters that you can rock.

• Carrie Bradshaw of Sex & the city.

The tv series revolved around love,life and most importantly the admiration of shoes. Carrie started the trends of florals, prints and those head scarves. Carrie’s character was of an unapologetic and sassy woman.

Teens fantasized over her shoe collection. Even she always stated that one perfect bag can change the whole look. And guess she was always right.

• Cher of Clueless.

Witty dialogues of cher were the coolest thing about clueless. She was the inspirational style model. The trend of baggy pants and knee high socks was started by her. Who could’ve thought cher’s sleek and fleek style will have bunch of admirers.

One of her dialogue goes like “You see how picky I am about my shoes and they only go on my feet.”

• Kelly Taylor from Beverly hills.

Kelly was the teen queen with her convertibles. And who didn’t envied her bedroom. Beverly hills was about abusive relationship, losing virginity, addiction and even suicide. But kelly was the most loved character.

Pic source – Instagram.

She started the trend of Rompers, floppy floral hats and sunflowers as accessory. Mixing prints with bold accessories was just Kelly’s and Donna’s thing. I am still not over her sheer illusion dress though.

• Rachel Green from friends.

She is my favorite one. Style icon of 90s. And why not? Her every dress became the statement. Be it khaki skirts, plaid skirts, slip dress and that cuffing style. Her hairstyle even today is the most recreated hairstyles.

Always styled as the girl next door but pulled of the outfits like no one else. Though, Monica and Phoebe too had their own style.However, Rachel remains unbeatable.

Pic source – Getty image.

• Spice Girls.

Posh, Ginger, Baby, Scary and Sporty. Gosh! dancing with our girl squad on wannabe makes me feel nostalgia. When different styles meet at a single stage, the result is always breathtaking. That Leopard print, brown lipstick, low waist, platform trainers were love.

Be whatever,spice girl you want. And groove to the anthem of girl squad wannabe.

PS – Hope you enjoyed this trip to the memory lane. 90s was surly the best time. So,recreate your favorite character and kill the themed parties. And don’t forget to give 1990s makeover to your closet.

Tell me about your favorite character from 90s that is your crush? Mine was Rachel from FRIENDS. I liked her sarcastic comments and how she managed to look gorgeous everytime. Your turn 😀


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