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Acrostic Poem|poetry verse| Guide helpful in framing acrostic

                 If you want to try different forms of poetry but are afraid how to do this.If you are a budding writer and are excited to learn all verse stuff. You are at right place.

  I love poetry but writing acrostic is difficult.

Oh! acrostic I love to read but framing it ‘a big no’.

                        If these are the thoughts prevailing in your mind, don’t worry.By the end of this post, you’ll be pro at writing acrostic.

                  Acrostic poem basically contains a word or phrase with poetic meaning . It is a type of poetry in which first, last or other letters in a line spell out a particular word or phrase.


Why acrostic are so popular?


                             Acrostic form is popular in kids as well as teens. I consider it as some kind of pearls hiding in sea-shells. The curiosity among the readers also adds to it.

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              The word you’ve been reading your whole life portrays a different aspect to that. That’s what makes acrostic popular.

Don’t want to lose your excitement. So, let’s get started –

Steps to write an Acrostic Poem :-


  • Choose your subject i.e. word or phrase you want to write about. A good subject will provide you with many ideas.Be calm and composed in choosing your subject.


  • Write down your subject in vertical order.


  • One thing to keep in mind is to ‘Be creative’. Brainstorm as much words,emotions and ideas related to your subject (word or phrase).

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  • Explore it and expand your horizons to not limit your imagination.

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  • Place your words or phrases on the line that begin with same letter.Be uniquely creative to throw a different light on your subject. So, it amazes the reader.


  • Complete lines to give a poetic touch.Use similes,metaphor and personification to enhance your subject. Your acrostic is ready to pull some strings.



Best of luck folks. You can frame the best acrostic just ‘Believe’ and work to make it happen.

I’ve written this acrostic poem a few days ago, the word is ‘WOMANHOOD’. I tried to explore the subject from various perspectives than came up with this.Hope you like it.

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PS – In case you want to try other forms- BLITZ, ODE, EPITAPH and HAIKU; check out previous posts. Till then, keep inking and stay inked.


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