April Hill | Candid interview with the amazingly weird writer

                         “The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery”  .

                       These words by Francis Bacon made sense when I encountered April Hill Writing. It’s not only a name but a feeling you can fully indulge in. Whether you talk about art or poems, April will leave you mesmerized.

    Glimpse of April Hill Life:

              Indeed a social media sensation she is. Well, April Hill hasn’t revealed her identity yet. The style of saying the most complex things with the minimal words is just flawless.


                       Her debut book  “A slow fall into weirdness”  is a hand-written and hand-drawn book. The book contains stories of skydiving, sunflowers, coffee,monsters and aliens too. It is a wonderful book with weirdly amazing creations.

               The writing world has been redefined by her. The interview with her was candidly amazing with a tint of calmness.

 Interview with April Hill :-


  • You have never revealed your identity. What’s the reason or thought behind it?    

                     I have never revealed my identity because I feel like there is no reason to. These words are that of a faceless, culture less, class less, race less, sexless ghost and almost 40,000 people are able to connect with them. That fact alone says more than I would ever be able to write. We do not need to look to our bias to form an opinion, we can all coexist within a world created on good thoughts.


  • Why you’ve chosen the name “April hill”?

                       I chose the name April because it meant a lot to me for a multitude of (secret) reasons. I chose the name Hill because I wanted a symbol of overcoming and moving forward and April “Mountain” did not sound as if it rolled off the tongue as nicely.


  • “A slow fall into weirdness” is a very unique title. Is there any story behind it?

                  I had played around with many titles for my first book project. But ended up choosing A Slow Fall Into Weirdness because it just felt right to me. The attempt to name the book wasn’t made till everything was written out already and realization dawned upon how it had gotten weirder and weirder.

                      The practice of doodling air balloons started recently before drawing the book cover. This concept of falling very slowly amused me and I thought the title just described my journey so well to this point of my career.


  • What’s the book about. Is it targeting a specific audience?

              My book is about many weird different stories. I have stories of giants and monsters and coffee and adventures and aliens.

            The target audience is anyone who sees themselves as different and are able to accept that fact and embrace that there are some very cool aspects to being different.

    This book is  for the people who enjoy my work and I write my work for the people who are like me.


                                image1 copy

  • Who is the person you look up to at difficult and time when you are feeling low?

          I constantly look to escape as an outlet for times when I feel down. It is easy for me to feel unsuccessful, or unhappy but if I distract myself with music, movies, books, writing, drawing, moving, doing something else I find it is easier to find my way out of that darkness.


  • What, according to you, is poetry?

                 I don’t think I am a poet, I think I just string together words in a way that are easy to read and have meaning to people. This writing to me is the release of every feeling.

                  That is why I enjoy using a ghost and a sheet to express myself fully with no worry of what people will think when they read my thoughts. I am not trying to impress anyone and I never have been and that is why April Hill is such a great outlet for my honest ideas.


  • How does it feel when you see people admiring your work?

                 The best feeling in the world is the feeling of being included into someone’s everyday. It is one thing for people to share your work but for them to write it on their walls, or in their notebooks, or on their bodies is an absolutely wonderful and crazy thing.

                       Someone likes your brain enough to bring it with them all over the world and that really makes me happy.


  • Which is your favourite book and why?

                 My favourite book is “Rant” by Chuck Palahniuk. Most of Chucks work has spoken to me since I had started reading. His creativity, mixed with insane darkness and sheer utter mind melting humour is what had started me writing down some of my own strange ideas. The book is full of twists and turns and is very well paced and curiosity driven, which makes it, like most other Chuck books, a page turner.


  • One piece of advice for upcoming writers?

                  One piece of advice I heard a long time ago when I was writing was to write. That is all I can say. Don’t write because you want 300k followers. Don’t write because you want to impress or think that someone who lived 500 years ago knew what horror, or poetry, or lyricism was.

                    Write because you have an idea that you think the world needs to know about. Don’t stop until every last person had heard it. It will probably suck at first, and sometimes I still feel like that. But you will eventually find people who love your brain and like what you write, just write.


  • Which habit of yours is weird or you consider it weird?

                        I  am constantly tapping or moving. The only time I think I am at rest is when I sleep and I am not even sure if that is true. To sit still I need to chew gum or else I am tapping a leg or tapping a table. It is a very annoying quality for those around me .And I have been told I can’t be taken many places because of it.

                  I like to think it’s my ideas trying to find another way out of my body than my brain or some paper.


PS – April hill hasn’t revealed anything about sex,religion or anything else. For the convenience of the article, the assumption of April hill being a female is made.

          I am highly honoured to have this interview. Thank you April for your precious time and amazing words. More power to you.

    If you guys haven’t checked her book yet. Go grab it right now and you can connect with her on Instagram under the name @Aprilhill writings.


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