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Atticus Poetry| books by the best selling author.


      People usually address him as the Justin Bieber of instagram poetry. But for me Atticus poetry is the Marshmallow for poesy lovers.

             The best thing is that people feel connected to his words. The attachment they feel is abysmal. You can see thousands of people who are inked with his words. The #1 Instagram poet followed by Teen Vogue and coterie of Hollywood stars.


  Glimpse Of Atticus Poetry Life :-

 Atticus hails from the west coast of Canada. Maintaining an anonymous personality by wearing a mask but his words aren’t following the lead. His short poems has taken the poetry industry by storm.

        He stated,” I think it’s a beautiful thing that is happening. I think it is a resurgence of poetry and a whole new audience is having fun with words and re-finding poetry and I feel like,in a lot of ways,poetry online is a gateway drug,as it were,to a long form poetry.”

         His favourite theme is the power of the female spirit. The reason why he has got such a massive following of females *count me in*. The New York Times Best-selling Author believes that he has an enormous amount of female energy in his life.

Atticus poetry
Atticus poetry


             Books by Atticus Poetry :-


         This famous Instagram sensation has published two books. Hah! but anonymously. But speaking of his poetry books, you wouldn’t get enough.


  • Love her wild

                       The way Atticus captured what is both raw and relatable is commendable.It is a collection of new and beloved poems. With this book, he has captured heart and mind of avid readers.

                    Distilling the highs and lows, evocative lines.glimpse of new love in Paris,drinking whiskey in the desert and list goes on. Honesty,poignancy and romantic flair are the emotions you’ll feel.

                  This will awaken your sense of adventure and his words will be a forever tenant in your heart.


  • The Dark Between Stars :-

                      The one thing I am going to remember 2018 for is this book. A collection of whimsical,heartfelt and romantic poems. He captured the infectious energy of starting a relationship,the realities of commitment and the nostalgia of again being alone.

                  In the words of Kylie Kloss,” In the simplest way, Atticus captures those little things that make life magic.” If something is called a ‘masterpiece’ then it is that for me.

          Highly recommended.

       Poems By Atticus Poetry :-


  • Brushing a girl’s hair

       behind her ear

         once a day

       will solve more problems

      then those therapists and drugs.


  • “I hope to arrive to my death, late,in love,

                   and a little drink.”


  •    “sometimes I want a quit life

            other times i want to go

          a little bit fucking Gatsby.”


  •    “I think its beautiful the

          way you sparkle when

            you talk about love.”


Ps – Atticus is one of the most amazing poets who says the most in the least words.His words are something you would fall for.

Let’s wait for the day the face behind these amazing poem unveil.


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