Back workout for working women suffering from lower back pain.

Womens are pro at multi tasking. From home to office, from delivering lectures to cooking delicious dishes. They take care of everything but when it comes to their health, they simply ignore it or don’t give much importance. Few week back, I was suffering from lower back pain and the reason was me simply hunching over laptop for my work. As per my nature, I ignored the pain but after few days the pain became adverse. So, I chose to treat it the right way- choosing Back Workout and Voila!

Back pain is a common problem in people now-a-days and mostly women are suffering from this. In addition to a healthy diet, back workout is also essential in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Back workout.

But I agree that working women do not have enough time to go to gym and exercise. So, I’ve compiled the list of 9 effective back workout for women to deal with the lower back pain at home.

Why Back workout is considered need of the hour?

Prior to the list of effective workouts, let me tell you why back pain is an issue that needs attention :-

● About 80% of population suffers from backache at some point in their lives be it men or women, young or old.

● Lower back pain costs America $50 billion in health care cost each year which is very high.

● Back pain is the single leading cause of disability preventing people from engaging in their work as well as day-to-day activities

● Obesity is also considered to be one of the major cause of pain in back.

(the above statistics are gathered from health and wellness information)

9 effective Back workout without the need to go to gym.

First of all you need to fix a proper time to do your workout routine. You can choose morning or evening, whatever suits you better. Next thing is consistency – Have a consistent approach towards your routine. Now, let’s get started –

● Camel pose (ustrasana) –

It helps to strengthen arms. Not only it cures the lower back pain but also improves flexibility of spine. Camel pose is also known to be helpful against depression.


•Begin on your knees with your legs and feet hip width distance.Place your hands behind.

• Lift your chest and reach back touching your heels with your hands.Engage your core and press your hips and thighs forward.

• Gaze is behind you.Slowly bring your hands back to your glutes and then exhale lift your torso up.

• Hold this posture for atleast 10 minutes and slowely come back to original position.

● Mermaid pose –

It is the advanced version of pigeon pose. It strengthens your back. In order to do mermaid pose firstly, you need to get comfortable doing pigeon pose.

Instructions :-

• Begin with pigeon pose. Now lift your back leg such that it comes 90° with your knee.

• Place your foot on the elbow for a detailed look. Hold this position for 10 minutes.

• This pose requires a lot of time and practice. It is advisable to always move within a pain free range and don’t ignore your body.

● Sphinx pose –

This pose strenthens the spine and stretched the chest. It is known to relieve stress and is practiced to tackle fatigue.

Instructions :-

• Lie on your belly. Lift your chest slowly with the support of your hands.

• Keep both your elbows together and let your palms face the floor.

• Keep your gaze forward and hold this posture for 10-20 minutes.

● Warrior II pose(Virbhadrasana)-

Warrior II strengthens and stretches legs, chest , spine and abs muscles. It also helps to resolve various other body problems including infertility. It’s one of the important back workout.


  • From Tadasana take a big step back with your left leg.
  • Point your right toes towards the front of the mat and turn your left foot in slightly (towards the same direction as the right foot) about 45/60 degrees.
  • Stand with your legs straight, press the 4 corners of your feet into the floor, and firm your legs up.
  • Inhale as you raise your arms parallel to the floor, keeping your shoulders down and your neck long.
  • Exhale as you bend your right knee, keeping your knee over your ankle, not past it.
  • Aim your right thigh parallel to the floor. Sometimes it is necessary to adjust your legs, and bring them further apart.
  • Check the alignment of your right knee – keep it over the ankle and line it up more or less with your 2 first toes.
  • Roll the top of your thigh down towards the floor on the right. Press down through your big toe to balance that action.
  • Press the top of your left thigh back, and ground the outside of your left foot into the floor.
  • Engage the sides of your hips and elongate evenly through the four sides of your spine. Draw your abdomen gently in and up, keeping your diaphragm soft.
  • Extend through your collarbones and fingertips, and elongate evenly through the four sides of your neck.
  • Look out over your right arm. Your body should be at a right angle with the floor, with your shoulders over your hips. ( for more detailed outlook you can check the further information from source EKHARTYOGI)

● Plow pose( Halasana) –

Plow pose is helpful in reducing abdominal fat and improving blood circulation. It strengthens your back muscles as well as calf muscles.


• Lie on your back. Now, slowly lift your legs up and put them above your head.

•Join your hands and stretch slowly. Keep your breathing steady.

• stay in this position for about 5-10 mins. Bring your legs at their original position.Unlock your hands. Do this workout 2-3 times.

●Locust pose (Shalabhasana) –

Locust pose is a pose that improves the concentration power. It strengthens and tones your back and also enhances blood circulation.


• Lie on your belly and slowly lift your legs making a 45° angle with the floor.

• Now, lift the chest with the help of your arms. Move your hands back with alginment to your shoulders as a straight line.

• Hold this position for about 5 mins. Though it’ll be difficult in the beginning. So, try to hold in seconds than move into minutes.

● Chair pose (Utkatasana) –

Chair pose strengthens your arms, thighs and chest. It tones your back as well as quads. If you are suffering from shoulder stiffness, then it’s the right workout for you. It relieves tension and improves balance.


• Stand straight. Now imagine you are sitting on a chair.Knees should point straightforward. Gaze should be kept forward.

•Maintain this pose and lift your hands straightly above. But the palms should face one another.

• Lower abdomen draws in and out. Do this pose for atleast 5-10 minutes.

● Low cobra pose –

Low cobra pose helps to control lower back pain. It strengthens back muscles and stretches your abdominal muscles. It’s intensity depends upon the depth in which you do it.


• Lie on your belly. Lift your chest up slowly.

•Bend elbows close to your body and gaze forward.

•Maintain this posture for atleast 10 minutes. Do it for 3-4 times.

● Knee pushups-

This helps to tone your back and arms.Providing the strenth to your abdominal muscles.This helps in stretching your chest and thighs.


• Lie down on your belly. Now come into dog pose. Place your hands sligtlgreater than shoulder width apart and your knees apart.

•Drop to your knees, rolling to the top of your knees to protect your knee caps.

•Bend your elbows and lower your chest to the ground.Push through the palms of your hands to straighten your arms.

• Do 2 sets including 5 pushups. As you do it regularly, you can make changes in sets as well as number of pushups included.

Precautions to take while doing back workout –

▪Don’t do the workout if you are suffering from high blood pressure.

Also read – 8 effective home remedies for hypertension.

▪Try to do workout at your own pace. You don’t have to ace the asanas in first attempt.

▪ Stop the workout if it causes pain that is adverse.

▪If the back pain is severe.Consult your doctor immediately and follow the medications properly.

▪If you are suffering from asthma, above workout is not for you.But you can go for those workouts that require mild breathing.

▪ Pregnant womens are not advised to do these workouts without consulting doctor.

▪ These asanas need a lot of practice. So, practice it regularly in order to maintain healthy back muscles.

• Do not drink 15 minutes and eat half an hour after the yoga practice.

What should you eat after doing back workout ?

This is a common question being asked. Before jumping on meals you should wait for atleast half an hour. Though you can drink water after 15 minutes.

• Oats.

Oats are very good for health as it provides tons of fibres and proteins. It is a full package of energy with rich iron content and loaded magnesium. You can try various recipes of oats but mine is to add fruits and nuts. After workout oats are considered to be a very healthy meal.

● Coconut water.

A glass of coconut water is my all times favourite. It helps to detox and cleanse your body and it reduces the muscle stress and tension. Coconut water is the best sports drink ever that helps to make your bones strong.

● Salad.

Make sure your salad bowl is filled with vegetables that are rich in vitamins, minerals, iron and magnesium. You can add spinach, kale, celery, tomatoes ,carrots, pumpkin seeds and a tbsp of lemon too. These vegetables will help you to control cholestrol level, high blood pressure, boost immunity and build strong bones.

Brown bread and eggs.

This combo is the ideal choice for getting high fibre and proteins your body needs. Eggs are enriched with vitamins, iron, calcium and various other nutrients that are good for your bones.

● Fresh fruits.

For fruit bowl you can add bananas, avocados, strawberries, grapes, BlackBerry, kiwi etc. This bowl is rich in potassium, antioxidants , vitamins and can fight various cancer tumors. Just choose fresh fruits and here’s the heaven in your hands.

PS –

So, Ladies don’t worry about your gym equipments and these easy peasy workout will not only strengthen your back .But also tones it. It doesn’t require much of your time only an hour or so is sufficient. Get down in the comments and tell me any other asana I skipped that is helpful in back pain .

Queries and suggestions are welcome. Thanks for stopping by. Be healthy ,stay happy.


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