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6 Books impossible for kids to put down this 2019 summer.

                     The most difficult job is to develop habit of reading books in kids. In today’s era, kids born are undoubtedly tech-savvy almost right at birth. Though they learn a couple of things there too but overuse of it can lead to some behavioural issues.

                                         Children’s are armoured with gadgets but you are aware that reading’s benefit are hard to beat. Finding best books for kids is difficult. And to make them read that too when the schools are finally off is another biggie. To settle for the book that doesn’t bore your child is the another problem I’m going to solve today.Do you know?

Why is it important for your kids to read books and that too in vacation?

                  Let me make it very clear, books are important for your kids as they are in grooming stage. No doubt, they are reading their school books. But maths and science don’t teach your children – how to practice gratitude and appreciate the little things in their life. Being a parent its your duty to provide your kid with what is best. I am sure you’ll agree with me on some points :-

  • Books create warm emotional bonds.
  • Books help kids develop basic language skills.
  • Books are interactive; they demand that kids think.
  • It also develop critical thinking skills, nourish kid’s imagination.
  • Books help to open up, to move beyond self-absorption and connect to people.

                  Now, the next job is to find a good book to gift your kid,maybe a slight tricky job. But you needn’t worry, here you will find the magical books for kids and then pick which you think your kid will enjoy. I advice to read along with your children and discuss afterwards what your child thinks of this book.

Trust me, you are gonna love the narrator much more than the author. The way a kid narrates a story I think they can get a easy victory over the best story-tellers with their cuteness.

Tempting books that your kids can’t afford to miss.

  1.      The Book Of Clouds.

 Author :-  Juries Kronberg.

Translators :- Mara and Richard.

 About :-   This wonderful book about the magic of clouds is full of surprising and original poems,perfect for upper key stage two children either at school or at home.Well, if your kid loves magic and keeps his head stuck in the skies, then this is it. Anyone with a curiosity about sky has to give it a read for sure.

Ratings :- 4/5 (goodreads). 4.5/5 (amazon).

Pages – 82.

Age – above 7 years.

2.      Unicorn Academy : Isabel and Cloud.

Author :- Julie Skies.

Illustrator :- Lucy Trumen.

About : Magic, sparkle and unicorns are sprinkled throughout the book.The book deals with a girl named Isabel.She loves her cute unicorn, cloud and then the dangerous adventure of saving Sparkle Lake begins. A bite-sized chapter book that’s ideal for a quick read. If unicorns are your kids best friend then pack their bags for an amazing adventure.

Pages :- 112.

Age :- 5-8 years.

3.         Drawn Together.

Author :-  Minh Le.

Illustrator :- Dan Santat.

About :-  This one’s been my favorite. Story revolves around a young boy and his grandfather. It is a dazzling picture book about how they bind and communicate over art.Together they create a vibrant and thrilling “world beyond words”.It will help your kid to feel warm emotions.

Ratings :- 4.3/5 (goodreads). 5/5 (amazon).

4.        Geraldine.

Author :- Elizabeth Lilly. 

About :-  Being a new kid at school is never easy.But its more hard when you’re a giraffe. Geraldine’s outgoing nature wilts when she joins a human school.Things become very difficult for her until she meets Cassie , a human girl. Both girls build up each other confidence and learn to celebrate the things that makes them unique.All in all , a very warm, funny, a big hearted and need to say a long-necked tale.A pretty great story to reaming it’s okay to be different.

Ratings :- 3.6/5 (goodreads , 4.7/5 (amazon).

Pages :- 40

Age :- 3-6 years

5.       The Princess and the Pit Stop.

    Author :- Tom Angleberger.

     About :- Buckle in and start engine, you’re in for a wild ride. The princess at the heart of this exhilarating tale is nearing the end of a car race. But with one lap to go, our favorite princess is in last place. Well, our princess didn’t give up and skilfully overtake others. While the frog commentators narrate the whole race. This book is really good for your kids to teach them to never give up.

Ratings :- 3.6/5 (Goodreads) , 4.3 /5 (Amazon).

Pages :- 48.

Age :- 5-7 years

6.   We don’t eat our classmates.

Author :- Ryan T. Higgins.

About :- Hilarious tale of Penelope who just can’t stop gobbling up her human classmates. She is trying to fit in school. But her fellow students are reluctant to get chummy  with a kid eating dinosaur. She realizes in order to make friends, she need to turn the tables. Prepare for a lot of giggles while reading this delightful tale.

Ratings :- 4.5/5 (Goodreads) , 5/5 (Amazon).

Pages :- 48.

Age :- 4-7 years.

Effortless tricks to encourage reading habit in kids.

First of all, you need to understand not every child loves to read. And the main reason reason is that they find reading books boring. So, I am going to give you magical tricks, that’s gonna make your child read books without yawning.

Cozy nooks :-

Pick a cool canvas teepee. You can place it inside as well as outside. Put fairy lights on the edges of teepee. Hang in stars and windchimes. A comfy couch inside the canvas will look surreal. Let your inner kid lead the way for cute,cozy decor part.Just make it comfortable for your children.

There is wide range of A-frame tent available. Just go with your child’s taste. Be it Barbie dolls or Spider man, pink or blue, floral or neutral and whatever your child likes.

• Avoid being Boring :-

Just don’t be the boring one. When you start narrating the story to your child, try to spice it up a bit. Change the voices – Quack like a duck, snore like a big fat man, make the story interesting for your kid. If you are enjoying the read, your kid is guaranteed going to enjoy. Mimic the actions of her/his favorite character. Be the narrator, he/she enjoys the most.

Real time incidents :-

For your kid, the story is not real but to keep him engaged you need to connect dots with his real life. Lead story through his real life so he can understand what exactly is going on. You can explain the character by giving examples of his friends – like he was having blue eyes like Ivy and he walked like Stanley.

• Don’t give him rewards.

Here we are trying to make “Reading” your childs habit. So, avoid giving him treats on the basis of how many hours he read. Just pick a time and give him company. Keep your tablet or phone away from you. Zero distractions lead to 100% concentration.

• Discussing the story.

After your child has read the chapter. Put him through questions. But beware of using a teaching tone. We don’t want him to think that his school is shifted to home. Ask him about the characters in a fun way. Take him on a walk or before he scream give him an icecream. Share all the points that you think is good but also give him equal chance to speak as well.

                All I could say is enjoy the process. Make the most out of it. Your kid is gonna love reading just like you. Pick your favourite book and let the story begin. Enjoy your summers with best Sending all the cool vibes to ya.


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