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Best books of 2018 (so far) you’ll love to read the coming season.

           The blazing sun or maybe the chilling winter, whatever season has knocked on your door be prepare to welcome it with open heart. Book lovers don’t need a trip or a vacation to relax their mind or body, we just need a cup of coffee and a good book to enjoy.

                    Whatever your favourite genre is thriller,fiction,romance,biography or whatever else, we’ve compiled the best books that need to be on your reading list.So, pick your new buddy from the best books of 2018 which we are sure will make your upcoming season full of life. Go ahead and give them a read.

Best books of 2018 :-

                       ‘ The Sun Does Shine’ by Anthony Ray Hinton

       Undoubtedly, NY Times Best Seller has to make it to the list. This book is an emotional journey and being one of Oprah’s most recent club selections you won’t want to put it down.

                             Anthony Ray Hinton knew he was innocent when charged with two capital murder in 1985. Being a black man with no money in the South, he was sentenced to death by electrocution. Living a life filled with anger, near death experience and hopelessness, but the way he transformed his spirit and survived that will give you chills down the spine.


                      ‘The Only Story’ by Julian Barnes-

                    If you prefer a romantic book with a coffee mug, guess what? This is the book you have to pick up. A gentle melancholy and complex love-affair in mid-century England brings you Susan (48 years old) and Paul (19 year old). The story unfolds as a charming housewife who turns from a tennis partner into a lover.Also Paul’s parents thoroughly disapprove of.

               In the second half, you’ll find philosophising and nostalgia in this book.certain reference to male genitalia to keep the prose “edgy”. But being a romantic reader, you’ll definitely love this one.


                        ‘Something in the water’ by Catherine Steadman

                        In chilling winter nights, if you need a company what’s better than to grab a psychological thriller. The perfect couple- Erin, an on-the-rise documentary filmmaker and Mark – an investment banker head to Bora Bora for their dream honeymoon. When they see something while scuba-diving , the only choice they are left with is either speak-up or keep their discovery to themselves.

                 The spoiler alert ‘ whatever decision they decided to take will lead to a destructive chain of events’. This book surly deserves to be the best books in 2018.


                         ‘The Women In The Window’ by Finn


                  If you are sitting in the bus or waiting at the airport, You don’t need to worry grab this book and enjoy your journey with a smile and tingling sensation.

               For Anna Fox, life in New York is lonely for her. She never steps outside her house because of agoraphobia and loves to spy on her neighbours. But as Russell’s move into the house across the street, things take a rapid change and then Anna witness some shocking event then she begins to not know what’s real or what’s imagined. Not giving spoiling alerts though.


                             ‘The Great Alone’ by Kristin Hannah-


          Are you ‘The Nightingale’ fan? Good news for you guys then, Hannah is back with her latest story about a fight for survival. It is a story of 13 year old journey to Alaska to help save her family.

                            As winter and darkness approaches and leave the long sunlit days behind, her father’s mental state begins to fade and what happens next you’ll have to find by reading the book.


                             ‘The Queen Of Bloody Everything’ by Joanna


              The title, well just have my heart. The children author is finally ready to give adults a gift this year. The story is about Dido who has grown up under the shadow of her mother Edie, who swears, drinks and doesn’t mould herself into the conventions expected of motherhood.

                  The book expertly follows funny and chubby eight year old Dido into adulthood, swinging from gentle comedy towards something sadder and wiser. This book is a must read for an analysis of a modern mother-daughter relationship- a topic that is all too often left unexplored in today’s fiction.


                     ‘ The President Is Missing’ by James Patterson and Bill Clinton-


            This book written by  one of America’s favourite mystery writers and a former president of the United States- delivers an entertaining thriller that’s proven to be an instant best seller.

                    This book shows the true vulnerabilities of the nation. The authentic detail and information about the inner workings of what happen in the White House that make this thriller feel even more real.


                                            Grab your favourite book from the list and enjoy the read.







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