Best cafes in Jammu to satiate the inner foodie.

There was a time, the name of cafes in Jammu was almost inaudible. But today, the limelight from big restaurants is shifted to the amazing cafes. Popularly known as “City of temples” Jammu is really rich in culture. Apart from having lot of temples, there are many delicious cuisines here.

The whole credit goes to the young owners and their team. From the interiors to the idea, from service to the presentation, from the menu to the yummy food. Everything is ultimate. I thought why not show you the best cafes in Jammu.

So,let’s get started to know the story behind these cafes.

Top 7 cafes in Jammu.

• Scooterwala.

This amazing cafe is run by Masterchef Ajay and who doesn’t know about him. This cafe was opened about a year ago. If you are awstruck by the name of it. The story is pretty sweet, it was basically his dad’s scooter and to relive those memories. The name ‘Scooterwala’ was coined and eventually became the most loved cafe.

Menu- They have classic dishes just to attract some family kinda people. They also serve fusion cuisne like Indo-amrecan, Indo-mexican and bit of Lebanese and pan Asian.

The vintage decor and the ambience is something to love. I loved the detailings of the cafe. And the food is delicious. The perfect hangout place for friends.

• Country barn.

If you are a pizza person, then this is your place. The person behind this concept is Mr. Raj Narang who has got a hotel industry background. This cafe was opened on 2nd september, 2018. In such short time, the name of this cafe is on everybody’s tongue.

Menu – Wood oven pizza, charcoal fire delicacies, wraps, sandwich,pasta and coffee lounge serving Bakery products with many more added now and then.

This is the first cafe to bring over the concept of wood and charcoal fire to prepare mostly dishes. And yes the kitchen is live. So haven’t paid a visit yet, what are you waiting for then?

• The law Project

The puncline of this cafe is “Legally Awesome ‘ and yes without a doubt they are. The cafe started in March 2018. The idea was pretty simple to present the most unique menus. The motto is “Great food with best presentation “. This all started with just waffles and now they are one of the most loved cafes in Jammu. When I asked them about the person who started it. They simply said,” We dont have individual names.We are the law project and are a group of people”

Menu – They serve items from around the world which vary from Italian to American to Chinese. They are also planning to have their all time favorite i.e Indian delicacies in their menu.

The interiors,paintings,food,menu and everything is and made from the scratch. They do not outsource and the idea is of many minds. You’ll gonna love the food and ambience of this cafe.

• Tandoori chai cafe.

I am a tea lover. So, undoubtedly wherever chai takes me, I’ll go there with a smile. This amazing cafe started on 24 December, 2018.The punchline of this cafe is ” A cafe beyond expectations” .After seeing many outlets of chai in metropolitan cities. They thought of coming with this concept in Jammu. The owners of this cafe are Arjun Jandyal, Ruhani Gupta, Ieshan jandyal.

Menu – They serve Pav bhaji pizza, Khumb rajma burger, koyla chicken, tandoori mix veg, tandoori coffee, tandoori gur milk and tandoori chai. They also serve everything that includes Indo-Conti dishes, Chinese, Indian, Italian, healthy salads, desi beverages ( different types of lassi), shakes and different types of tea.

The hospitality and ambience of this cafe is so good. The unique menu will leave you mesmerized. And if you are a chai lover,Just go and enjoy. Thank me later though.

• Fatboy cafe.

A cute, cozy and beautiful cafe. This cafe was started in June 2018. The idea behind this is to provide best Coffee in a traditional European style in Jammu. Along with delicious Italian dishes. The person behind it is Vishal GHAI, MBA, University of Greenwich, London UK.

Menu – They serve Mexican and Italian items like Pasta, Tortilla, Cold sandwiches, Burgers, Submarine, and Waffles too. Their mocktails are best in demand and last but not the least, the coffee is hand picked from Karnataka. They also serve cupcakes, cakes and brownies.

Fatboy is Uniquely made in Traditional European style coffee shop in the center of Jammu City. It’s a small cute cafe with best ambience and food. You can enjoy your coffee with the best music and also enjoy books there.

• Brewbakers.

Brewbakers is known for serving delicious snacks. This cafe started on 11th February 2018. The idea behind it was “there was no coffee lounge in jammu till that time”. The person behind this is Er. Nitin sharma.

Menu– They serve coffees, Shakes, mojitos, ice teas, smoothies, frappes, and many more in snacks. They have the best sandwiches, pastas and maggi.

Well,presentation and quality of food will leave you mesmerized. The ambience of cafe is really good. If you are a pasta lover, then this place is heaven for you.

• Grill n chill.

This cafe started in 2015. The person behind this is Bhanu . The delicious food from maincourse to snacks, everything is delicious. The idea was to serve everything under one roof.

Menu – They serve Veg- Nonveg Indian, Conti, Chinese, italian items(Both Snacks and maincourse), shakes, Icecreams. The stuffed naan is so yummy and they serve pasta, burger as well.

The interiors and hospitality both are very nice. On every festival, the decor part is so amazingly done. If you want to try mouth watering Indian cuisines, then this is your place.

Ps -Hope this little trip made you feel happy and hungry too.A big special thanks to all the cafe owners for providing details. All these cafes are so good that I am recommending it to everyone.So, tell me which cafe you want to visit and why?

I promise it’ll be worth- visiting.


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