Best christmas gift ideas for men 2018.

       Christmas is all ready to knock your door. But are you ready holding a perfect gift for your beloved?

If no, well I can understand how difficult it is to choose from thousands of gift ideas. And above all if you are searching a present for your man. So, we’ve picked the best Christmas gift ideas for your man. 

            Woman always feel swept by their feet by the gestures men do. But, this Christmas be ready to give that feeling to your man. Let’s get started my ladies :-

1) Camera.

       Well, this have to top this list. Whether your guy is a traveller,vlogger or adventure junkie. A camera just fits his personality for sure. Guys love to have cameras whether they are big hulky DSLR or a pocket fit camera.


           Some of latest camera’s up there are-  Panasonic Lumix ZS200 advance camera, Sony cyber shot RX100V1 or a men’s ultimate favourite DSLR.

2) Watch.

   Who doesn’t want to be in style?

And well, watches never run out of fashion. They are the cherry on cake or much the whole cake.

  So,Ladies get a classy or vintage watch for your guy. Whatever suits his personality. Some of the brands we have loved  are-             Classic watches- Rolex,Tag Heuer, Seiko, Daniel Wellington.                                         Vintage watches-  Pateh Philippe Reference 3974, Audemas, IWC Shell Dream,Rolex Submarines reference .

3) Boots.

      ”  The first thing about a man ever noticed is his shoes.”

       Yes, that’s 110% true. So, next gift is a classy pair of shoes. It can be the best gift ever.

   Some of the best brands out there are- Red Wing Heritage Boots,Timberlanf Pro,Fracap,Boundock Safety  Toe Work Boots.

And our ultimate favourite is Belstaff that are known to make the best biker boots.

4) Tattoo.

      Ah! getting inked to honour our beloved is the ultimate romantic gesture.


   Ladies, get the initials or any other design that holds a special place to both of you.

You can get a tattoo on wrist, outer collarbone, hairline as they are the least painful to get. 

5) Pen.

   We know it’s a digital age. But have you heard that pen are out of fashion. Well, they aren’t. So, getting a classy  pen for your guy is still a cute gesture.

If your guy is nerd  than gift him his favourite author’s  book. While a pen will give a nudge to the edge.

Some pen are considered ink of all seasons.They are- Montblane Classique, Pilot Decimo fountain pen or get a spy pen *wink*.

6) Pet.

 Ready to warm his heart this Christmas. Get a pet. This gesture will make him happier. 

  Decide if he loves cats or dogs. Choose accordingly. And here’s a  pro tip- adopt a stray dog or cat. It’ll be a Christmas present for both.

7) Nap pillow.

 Hustle bustle life sure comes with stress and lack of sleep. Gifting  him a nap pillow also shows your caring nature. So, get a nice pillow that are easy to carry and uses less space.

8) Tickets of his favourite show.

 If your guy loves football matches, a  rock concert or a comedy event. Get the tickets right now. Accompany him and enjoy the show ladies.

 Even don’t shy away to lead the way.


9) Personalized gifts.

  At last, these are the latest in trends. A personalised cup, a rotating lamp, pen Holder, cushion and the list goes on.

Just chose your  favourite  photographs and get them wherever you want.

PS –  Now it’s your time to choose the present. Do let me  know in the comments what’ve  you picked up?

All the best,ladies and a Merry Christmas!!


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