Blue moon

        A peculiar child you are,

                       wanting to unfold the mysteries of universe,

                       stumbling upon the question of your existence,

                       deciphering your purpose.


                       you want to open a book,

                       read the last chapter,

                       and quench the thirst of your mind,

                       you were holding long back.


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                      You little child of cosmos,

                       what’s the hurry,

                      calm your running mind,

                      listen to the rhythm heart plays,

                      dwell in this euphoric aura,

                      where transactions of soul are made.


                      A serenity prevails then,

                      Now open the book,

                      ignite the sparks and let it burn you,

                      Till the fire surrenders and winds claims you free.


                               You have to live zillion times,

                     before your soul flies free,

                     let your eyes be hypnotized to miracles,

                     nature is trying to show you,

                     let you feet walk in pathless directions,

                     as water is guiding your way to home.


                     let your ears listen,

                     to the birds and waterfall casting a spell,

                     let the love occupy the space,

                     between your untwine hands.


                     let your body break from cocoon,

                     Once in a blue moon,

                     just choose yourself over anyone,

                     Let people feel enthral,

                     of how a life is lived every single time,

                     they hark back you.




P.S. Thank you for visiting this garden. I hope this little flower makes your day with its fragrance. Just live those little things that makes *life*.

            I would love to hear from you. Leave your feedbacks so my flowers can grow !! 











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