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Dan Brown- Top 5 books you must read if you are a lover of mystery and crime.

   If you want to visit a world of adventure,mystery and thrill. You don’t need passport and don’t even look at your suitcase. Get a book of Dan Brown and you all are set to enjoy the journey.

Who can forget Da Vinci Code?

      The author has written so many books and all are uniquely amazing in itself.

Dan Brown :-

                                                What we have done for ourselves

alone dies with us,

what we have done for others

and the world remains and is immortal.

#1 New York Times bestselling author Daniel Gerhard Brown’s The Da Vinci Code is a pearl to book lovers. He spend many years in writing and researching a book.

                   His novels are published in 54 languages with 200 million copies in print. Listing in the 100 most influential people in the world, he has proved himself as the best and most loved author of all time.

                   Who had thought one day Sidney Sheldon’s The doomsday Conspiracy will give us a king of thriller genre. Dan Brown calls his library ‘Fortress of Gratitude’.

                    Realizing that both science and scripture posed plenty of contradictions and wondered which part of story is true.

            Science and Religion are two languages

trying to tell the same story

Science focuses on answer

while religion savours the


Lets start the journey  by grasping the hand of adventurous and thrilling books.

Top 5 books by Dan Brown :-

  • ORIGIN :-

                         It is a 2017 mystery thriller novel which is also a 5 instalment in his Robert Langdon series. It is a treat for Da Vinci Code fans. It is so moronic that you feel your IQ melts faster than ice.

                 ‘Will God survive science?” To know this grab popcorn and origin. Feel the chills running down your spine while Harvard professor unlocks the chase.

            Very little in any organized faith is truly original.

Religions are not born from scratch.They grow

from one another. Modern religion is a collage….

an assimilated historical record of a man’s

quest to understand the divine.

  • INFERNO :-

                             #4 book in Langdon series.Classical Italian art, history and literature with cutting edge science is not less than an entertaining thriller.The most dangerous and different trip with Dan Brown with a brilliant twist ending. Not giving any spoilers though.

                   An amazing storyline with twists adding on to its already amazing book. #1 WORLDWIDE bestseller tag defines the value of this book.

The darkest places to hell

are reserved for those

who maintain their neutrality

in times of moral crisis.

  • The Lost Symbol :-

                                      It is a 2009 thriller novel set in Washington, D.C. after the events of Da Vinci Code and relies on freemasonry. It can be considered as the master stroke of our favourite author. It shows a deadly race through a real world labyrinth of codes,secrets and unseen truths.

          A perfectly flawless stroke by the master.

I’ve learned never to close

my mind to an idea simply

because it seems miraculous.

  • Deception Point :-

                                       A techno-thriller based 2001 novel was no less than amazing. The story revolves as NASA scientists discover an object hidden under thick arctic ice and mystery begins as they discover something. A series of lively blunders that have jeopardized the political life.

         Mixing science and politics you get Deception.

     Power is the greatest

Aphrosodiac of all.

  • The Da Vinci Code :-

                                       The most loved and the one with many controversial hypothesis. It follows “Symbologist” Robert Langdon and cryptologist Sophie Neveu after a murder in the Louvre Museum in Paris causes them to become involved in a battle.

           It is also the best selling novel of that time.It has intrigued and thrilled millions of readers. Read the book and be enlightened. One of my favourites.

          Men go to far greater lengths to                                  avoid what they

         fear then to obtain what they                       desire.                     

PS- Dan Brown is one of the most amazing novelist of all time. Its very difficult to pick few books from a good collection. Give these books a read because thriller genre gives you the best adventure.                                       


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