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Epitaph poem- step-by-step guide for beginner

Introduction to Epitaph poem :-


                      An epitaph is a poem that usually mourns on someone’s death.It is a short text commemorating a deceased person inscribed on a plaque or tombstone.Engraving your words on your loved one’s tombstone shows the glimpse of that person with your eyes. You can merely write about a statement or saying that you want on your tombstone to just have an idea what you are dealing with.

                   Epitaph poem is usually serious as its wrote for someone who has left us for heavenly abode but there are many funny and people with full of life so for them you can frame a rhyming or funny statement.


Why Epitaph poem ?


                           To present the bouquet of words on the alter of a person you’ve loved all your life. A person who has witnessed your good and bad days having your back all the time.The best way to show your love to them by engraving your words on their monument.

                              The people who’ve not met or seen the person maybe your words will give them an insight of what kind of person he/she was. It have the ability to put a smile on the face of every person and maybe touch the emotional chord too. It is also a way for celebrating someone’s life.

Instructions for framing an Epitaph poem :-


  •      In all my previous posts be it BLITZ , ODE ,HAIKU  one thing remains same, picking subject. I hope now you have all the ability to choose your subject. Choosing subject is important as your whole poem will revolve around this subject.


  • Focus on what you want to convey, as epitaph poem addresses  strong feelings which may be celebratory ( his achievements) or tragic.


  • It should be short, concise and pithy. Limitation is beneficial as it gives you a chance to sum up a person life in a few words that make a deeper impact and express real emotions.


  • In some epitaphs there exists a specific detailing of deceased – young or old, name of deceased, what has left behind after he/she is gone and all those miniature details.


  • The epitaph has two main characters– one is the person for whom you are framing epitaph and the other is speaker which describes the voice. It may be a voice of friend, loved one or whatever relation you have with the deceased.


  • You can also write an epitaph for yourself which will give the people a glimpse of what you are.


                                          Good luck to all. The concept of epitaph is really beautiful, the blending of words is nothing but pure love and respect.


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