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BLITZ poem for beginner- writing lesson


            BLITZ poem are naturally tripping and fun to read quickly and out loud *exactly like  you yell your favourite song in the shower* .It is a poetry form created by ROBERT KEIM. This form of poetry is a stream of short phrases and images with repetition and rapid flow. *stop rolling your eyes and move to fun part*


            steps to write Blitz poem :-

  It is a poetry of 50 lines *hell of a work but chill its a fun part*. I just want you to put a smile and follow the rules. *cheese hell chocolate yea like this*

  • write any 3 or 4 word line *random,specific,funny whatever jot down*

    example:-  kick the can

  • Now write 2  line such that your first word remains same.

   example:- kick the bucket

  • Moving on to your 3  line, this line contains first words same as that of  last word of 2 line.

example:- bucket of smiles

  • The fourth line of poem contains the first word as same of 3 line.

example:- bucket of tears

  • Continue the same routine till 48 lines * dare not give up just do it*

       *maybe add some music to your boring surrounding and keep reciting the poem*


  • For 49 line, write the last word of line 48.*nothing to add*
  • for 50 line, write the last word of line 47.

example:-  47. poetry takes

        48.poetry gives


       50. takes

  • completed *kudos buddy*

 TITLE:-  Title of blitz poem is restricted only 3 words where your 1 word be the first word of line 3 and last word be the 1 word of line 47

example.:- In my reference poem, the title is BUCKET OF POETRY.


Remember to not put any kind of punctuation marks in this poem. *pat your back, you have done a wonderful work *


ps:-I know you have framed some amazing blitz poem and I’m super excited to see this. So, send me all of your works on my email account *hurry up*. The best 3 verses will be posted here along with credits and rest all will get feedback* happy dancing*.

Any kind of suggestion,query and feedback is always welcome.Keep inking poesy lovers *thank you for hearing my ramblings though. Good day but hey nights are always best*


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