I am a girl | Spoken word poetry about woman

This spoken word poetry – “I am a girl” is a shout-out to all the women’s I have admired and worked with. It’s really hard to sum up the courage, sacrifices and kindness of women.

Here ya go..

A smile to die for,
Eyes to adore,
Heart you cannot ignore,
And end up giving more.

Juliet for Romeo,
Picture the scenario.
Inspiration for some writer,
Arose as a fighter.
Mother she was and also a daughter,
The one I’m talking about can be your sister.

This is the dream where I belong,
The people are writing a different song.
This is not the world you are talking about,
They don’t speak they shout.
Reality is hard,
Your heart is scarred.

You know what they do,
They bullied  and tortured you.
They talk a change in clothes,
You wear too much to expose.
They put allegation n a big cage,
Stop saying it I’m already in rage.

I am a girl,

Watch my words unfurl,

I am a girl
I am a girl

They want a change in clothes,
How about changing their mentality.
They want a cage around me,
How about putting a cage to their actions.
They want me to be safe,
How about saving their humanity?

I’m not a thing they can change,
Then ask me that I’m strange.
Don’t you take my decision,
My life is more than your vision.

I’m a sweet flower,
Don’t try to overpower.
I can be a thorn,
I’m just gifting you forewarn.
I own wings n claws,
Now bow down n applause!!👏👏


PS – This is the third poem in my series of poem. Hope you like it. Your valuable words are appreciated.

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