Interpersonal skills- something essential for success.

   You are probably in a stage where the list of skills you want to master is very long.

      Why not?

                           In today’s hour, everyone wants to taste  success be it in personal or professional life. There are skills you can achieve by proper learning . These are ‘Hard skills’.

                But these skills are not hard to attain.You can practice and be a pro at it. The one I’m going to discuss today are probably ‘harder to quantify’. Indeed, these are ‘soft skills’ or ‘Interpersonal skills’.

         In this post, you’ll learn-

  • What are Interpersonal skills?
  • Why are they important?
  • Interpersonal skills and how you improve them?

       So, let’s start-


                Interpersonal Skills  :-

           The skills you possess during interacting with other people are the Interpersonal skills. These are also known as ‘peoples skills’.

     It includes the way you communicate, listen, question and the way you understand a certain thing.A person with strong skills is blessed with emotional intelligence. He can understand and manage own as well as other’s emotions.

               Having good interpersonal skills can be viewed as a foundation for good working and social relationships. Good leaders, speakers,social workers as well as consultants possess these soft skills.


             Why are these necessary? :-

              These are not considered important because of our negligence towards our habits.

  • Do you remember the last fight or argument you had?
  • Do you remember the misunderstandings in your everyday life?
  • Is your life nothing but a bunch of problems?
  • Have you ever felt left out?

                   I am not doing any prediction here, stop wondering. These are the little obstacles we are facing, yeah little. Maybe the fight and misunderstandings are due to wrong communication .The problems are due to your attitude towards life. Improper interaction with people have made you feel left out.

          This is not your fault.When you take things for granted and don’t strive to make them better,the things get worse. It affects your every aspect of life.

         To improve these skills,you need to know about the elements that affect these skills.

                   Interpersonal skills you need to improve :-

  •       Communication :-

                                Paul Barnwell said,”I came to realize that conversational competence might be the single most overlooked skill we fail to teach.Kids spend hours each day engaging with ideas and each other through screens.But rarely do they have the opportunity to hone their interpersonal skills.”

               Further, he added,”It might sound like a funny question but we may ask ourselves:Is there any 21st century skill most important than being able to sustain coherent,confident conversations?”            

Communication- interpersonal skill
Interpersonal skill -communication


        Communication is more than talking. It’s to tell your part while listening to them. The kind of conversations where you walk away feeling inspired and engaged. Enter every communication assuming you have to learn. Feel that real-connection and help others to feel that too.


         Body language :-    

  If you are thinking the way you walk, smile, talk go unnoticed then you are absolute wrong here. Your eyes speak more than you allow it to.

Be in a good posture and don’t use too much of hand movements while communicating .Don’t be cross armed, it shows your conservative nature. You should be open to every conversation,it can boost  your growth or help you to learn.


           Listening :- 
M. Scott Peck said that true listening requires a setting aside of oneself. It also means setting aside your personal opinion. This acceptance will lead to less vulnerability of speaker and he’s more likely to open up their inner recesses to listener. Try not to interject your story when they are already telling their.
Power of listening
Power of listening.

  Buddha said,”If your mouth is open, you’re not learning.”

      If you are not listening properly,you are just two people shouting out. Neither of you making any sense. Stephen covey said,”Most of us don’t listen with the intent to understand. We listen with the intent to reply.”


                 Questioning :-

   While questioning, ask those questions which will keep the person pause for a moment and continue with the story. Don’t ask questions whose answers are predictable. Explore the story he’s narrating.

             Let them feel comfortable and engaged in the conversation. And most importantly listen carefully. Go with the flow don’t try to jump on the running train.Learn from every answer.

Questioning skill

          Strive for empathy. It’ll leave you curious to know further and you’ll be able to learn new things from others perspective.


            These things are what we see in our everyday life. Have you ever thought that these things make a serious impact on your personal and professional life.

Be amazed
Be amazed

Be prepare to be amazed. Listen quite often and communicate with your heat and soul.


ps – I hope this will do you some good.Any other Interpersonal skill you would like to know about, comment below. Let’s discuss that in other session.

Thank you for your precious time.





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