what is love? – love poem

 what is love?

Is it like the burning sun in the harsh winter or a volcano setting your soul on fire?
Is it like quietness between the noisy surroundings or like the honks assaulting your ears?

*My love nourished soul flowers*

Is it like the pain you are unable to bear?
or Is it like the songs you cheer?
Is it like the storm you don’t want to surpass or the flood you are already drowned?

I don’t know what love is..

Is it like the dreams you weaved Or the touch you craved?

Is it like a spring to your scar
Or like your wounds ajar?
Is it like the comfort you are seeking or like a stranger peeking?

Does it led to a new way yet to be found or leave you at the bay to get you drowned?
Is it like completeness of a soul or like the body just stole?



P.S. – Love is the hurricane and the calmness. It’s the sunny morning and wintry night. It lies not only in union but in separation. Remember to fall in love with yourself first everything else follows.

What’s your take on love. Is it logical or colloquial?


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