Men need to understand | Spoken poetry about man

   This piece of poetry is an open letter to all the men out there. We feel for all the sacrifices you made and the emotions you portrayed. How every single time, you were pillars of our strength.

*Men don’t shout and men don’t cry, Man up they told him man up young boy* These lines by one of poets instigated the making of this piece.

Here ya go…

His brown orbs,
Still are like pearls,
pain and suffering,
hideously swirl.
Absorbing all the unsaid words,
His heart has a bluebird.

That stiff berms,
Relax is unknown term,
Responsibilities are piled up,
Dreams binding in envelope.

His palms are rough,
Life has always been tough.
clearing his own tears,
Failed society prepares.
 Men don’t laugh, men don’t cry,
These educated people pry.
Crying in public is banned,
 Young man you need to understand.

Abandoning his shoes,

  No choices or passion to choose.
       walking paths to fulfil other’s dream,
Clamping mouth and,

muffled even his screams.

     Known by the head of family,
No room to look emotionally.
He gave his all,
To the societies protocol.
Accomplishing his duties proudly,
Mother taught him some chivalry.

I can’t imagine the pain,

he had gone through,

His soul is sane,

                     Give some construe.

Grown up  man he is,
Truth can’t be ended like this.
Often he is riled,
All the stress he has piled,
       but  believe me in the outskirts of this tough smile,

his heart is still a child.

  1. Real men
    Men need to understand


PS – Thank you for stopping by folks. Hope you like this piece. Being a girl, this piece is entirely based on observations. Appreciations and criticism are always welcome.

If there is any topic you want a poem about just ping me up. I’ll ink it for sure till then *tada*


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