Momwearsprada – Mompreneur rocking Instagram| Interview.

“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.

All the metaphors seems to loose their beauty when I write the name “Mother”. I always thought that all the mother’s in this world have some special powers to balance work as well as family. I was in doubt, when I came in contact with Harpreeth Suri a.k.a Momwearsprada and now I’m sure they’ve some. She is the one of the most celebrated Indian Mommy blogger on Instagram.

Glimpse of stunning Momwearsprada aka Harpreeth Suri’s life –

A woman doing 9 to 5 job decided to take a giant step and came as an inspiration for all the mothers in the world. She is an instagram influencer who curates best kid’s carnival. Harpreeth aka momwearsprada loves to pose with her daughter Aayat and trust me when I say she’s going to be the next big thing just like her mommy.

From providing the new mamas with the parenting tips and best styles to try out. She keeps everything simple yet elegant. She was also listed on top moms rocking the instagram by WOM. Leading inspiration is here to inspire you all.

In conversation with Mompreneur – Harpreeth Suri.

Q1) Where exactly did the journey of momwearsprada actually started?

This journey has been nothing but the most beautiful step I decided to take while I was still doing my 9 to 5 corporate job. It was more on the lines of how I wanted to spend time with my kids and I was failing miserably to do that because of my job commitments. When I decided to take a sabbatical and actually started to spend time with my kids, it felt I was a different person altogether. There were so many things that I wanted to ask people, so much I wanted to tell people on parenting, on how I am still living the best life and I guess that’s when it hit me. That is when Momwearsprada’s journey actually started. From curating the best carnivals for kids to sharing my parenting experiences while still living & loving myself to the fullest.

a) If you weren’t an influencer, what would you be?

I don’t think I would call myself an influencer as am still very young to the influencer clan so just a usual mom with 2 naughty kids who decided to share her life & her learning through this every growing social media platform, just a usual mom!
If I wouldn’t have decided to start momwearsprada then I guess I would have still been a corporate bee juggling between family & work.

2) Did you have any thought when you chose to be an influencer or did it happen all of a sudden?

Again, just a usual mommy! But when you do talk about the people that shower me with so much love and respect everyday I’m still trying to digest that fact & I have nothing but gratitude for it.
It wasn’t an overnight success, I had never imagined that so many people were facing or going through issues that I just decided to put it out there. It has been as I mentioned a beautiful journey with loads of ups & downs but that’s what life is about after all? No straight line, only good looking curves!

3) When you started this journey. Did you have someone on which you looked upon as role model?

Yes, my little princess Aayat. Believe it or not she has been my role model. All of this is because of her, for her & I would want to continue doing this just for her and of course Arhann too, my prince charming!

4) Is there any misconception about being an influencer that you want to clear?

Well to start with all our posts are completely paid for. They aren’t. As somebody who people look upon, we know that what we’re showing to our audience or our followers has to be genuine. It has to be what I as an individual would use in my day to day life or something that I would gift to my friends or get for my own kids So we make sure that we curate content or tie up with brands who we would genuinely be interested in and not otherwise.

5) What according to you is an influencer and what kind of problems they face?

Well, according to me an influencer is a person who you would look upon as a role model. Even though I’m not sure If I still fall in that category fully as I myself have so many people now that I look upon. There are so many bloggers who are mothers, so many of these upcoming talented ones. The major issue that all of face is as I mentioned above, that all our posts are paid for. As a mother & as an influencer if you want to call me one, I would say I personally handpick all my brand tie ups. And make sure my kids use them first before I put it out on the blog or even talk about it to anybody.

6) Any ideas you want to share with the people who want to be an instagram influencers especially to women’s?

The influencer market is at a boom right now and If you have something unique that you would love to share with the world then go for it. Don’t think too much just go for it. Get a blog, start writing & posting. Just do it!

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7) How do you chose which products you want to advertise. What basic things you consider while choosing the brand?

I make sure they’re kids friendly if it’s a kids brand, my kids need to like it before I start promoting it. If they don’t well, then it’s a no for me. Whereas, when it comes to me. I myself try each & every product before giving a proper review. My followers are the real audience so whatever I’m putting out there for is for them. So that they don’t have to do hit & trials because I’m already doing that for them and their kids.

8) So, I get this question a lot. How much an influencer earns?

Even though I’m part of the younger clan of the upcoming influencer circle but I think I’m earning as much as others since my segment is very luxury based. Having been a part of the luxury brands family for almost a decade, I think I have that connect that makes momwearsprada stand out in some way. Having said that, money was something that I never thought about when I started the blog, I just wanted to share my experiences with the world, my daily chores. Everything just kind of worked out on its own.

9) How do you balance your family and blog?

So I think due to my 9-5 corporate schedule, I have never faced an issue with time management. I make sure that all the needs are met, be it my kids, my husbands, my inlaws or myself. The best part about momwearsprada is that it’s all about my kids. And because of that I’m majorly goofing around with them. So it’s a win-win.

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10) There are days when things are not going well or not exactly how you wanted it to be. How do you deal with such days?

I just switch off my phone, breathe in breathe out . Mostly I chill with my kids until I’ve calmed down from all the panic and then I restart.

11) Mom wears prada. Does that mean mom loves wearing brands. So,what’s your favourite brand?

I love brands and because of my career choices .I’ve been surrounded by brands almost all my life so it has become a part of me. I have tons of favourite brands but of course Prada would be the apt answer here!

12) What’s the one compliment that you cherish the most and by whom?

Viral Bhiyani did a post on me and addressed me as “a mom who rocks instagram”


PS – Such a lovely and elegant lady she is. It was an absolute honour to have her on our board. Thank you momwearsprada for making all the mother’s proud.

Happy Mother’s day to all the mamas reading this!!

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