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Ode poem for beginner- step-by-step guide

Introduction to Ode poem:-


           “Ode poem”- a formal,often ceremonious lyric poem.It is a poem that usually means ‘praising something’ or maybe celebrating something through words that comes straight from your soul while your eyes or mind relish the serenity.It belongs to the long and varied tradition of lyric poetry.It may celebrate a person,place,thing,imagination or an idea.



Why Ode poem is so popular ?



  • The ode poem is expressed in a language that is imaginative ,dignified and sincere.
  • It is the ocean of emotions- like different colours spilled on a canvas flaring its tremendous beauty.
  • You can present a tribute or praise  anything you like and I think that’s the best part.
  • In today’s world, where everyone is a pro in hiding emotions ode poem comes to rescue.

Steps to write an ode poem :-



  1. Pick your subject :- That thing, idea or a person that makes you happy, sad, goofy or whatever. Maybe inspiration of your favourite superhero or your fight with insomnia, the messy depression or anything you are afraid to tell anyone but still want someone to tell.
  2. Let your emotions be crystal clear :- The subject you’ve chosen for your ode poem, let your emotions for that subject fall freely on paper.
  3. Use verb, adjective :- Remember to speak directly to your subject and use adjective, verbs so the image or situation you are trying to describe to your readers will be same as yours. In nut shell, use personification in case you are writing about an object.
  4. As such, there is no restriction of lines but in traditional ode poem 3-5 stanzas are involved.
  5. Rhyming odes do sound fun and challenging but don’t worry if you want to write irregular odes, that will still be an Ode.
  6. If you choose to rhyme your ode, be specific about choosing your rhyme scheme.



           Hope you have written your odes maybe to your superhero, to a past friend or to an emotion that is buried inside you for a long time. The best thing about writing is that you learn to let go of all the things disturbing you and cherish them forever as you inked stories. keep inking !!




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