Poem about life- some old verses


It is a poem about life. The life which is beautified by blended words carrying the essence of living.


   Just a lifeless body I am,

    In this darkness,

  without emotions,

I am still there,

Waiting for these,

thoughts to unwrap,

emotions to have an outbreak,

finding a way,

or to start a journey,

from unsaid words to a whole story.


The story I can’t recite,

Like a beautiful verse,

my life resembles a knight,

while obstacles submerse,

but my will floats free,

while gleaming crescent lingers,

In serenity lies my spirit,

finding clandestine answers.





Deeply buried answers,

whose questions are tucked deeply,

flaming desires, burning astrology,

feeding my soul with adequacy,

serving joy and sorrow,

and some crawling tears,

drooping eyes witness afterglow,

but witnessing some images still scares.


Why am I scared?

life is a gift I heard,

but living don’t came fared,

Amidst of crowds I spurred,

heads turn to face me,

Blinking eyes as never heard,

I’m nothing more than a soul devotee.


I bow down to the magic,

of my breath,

To the heart playing acoustic,

Dancing with the death,

The canvas that was colourless,

Now hold spilled ink,

Eyes hold a memorable sight,

Happiness moving like chandelier.


– ©sphinxpoesy


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