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Read a book and enjoy it- Best tips you need to know before reading any book.

                      Yes, you’ve read it correct. To ‘read a book’ and ‘enjoying the read’ are two different things. If you haven’t yet witnessed the scent of hard cover, rhythm of words , goofy smiles and teary eyes. You are doing it all wrong.

                 Often there are books you read but don’t enjoy. There is no fun in skimming a book which you are not relishing. So, its important to enjoy and read a book.


                If you stopped by this article, I’m assuming you might want to enter the world of book-lovers. So, take my hand and let me be your guide for this world.


            Before you want to read a book.Do you know why you should read?

                           Reading a book can make you a better person. Yes, it will help you to learn new things and improve your vocabulary.

                     It can ease stress and tension by relaxing your muscles. It can increase your concentration power.

                    A book can affect empathy,social and emotional intelligence which will make you a very calm person.

  “you can’t buy HAPPINESS,

But you can buy BOOKS

and that’s kind of same thing”.

                       The kind of world you dwell in while reading a book abysmal. The words by Haruki Murakami  has just described the power of reading-


If you only read the books that everyone else is reading,

you can only think what everyone else is thinking”.


Tips to read a book effectively :-

        Finally,you’ve got the answer why you should read . Now,its time to savour the delight of ruffling pages.

                    Creating Environment :-

           By creating environment, I don’t mean to say the usual thing that you’ve heard. You just need a calm and composed aura. It can be your tiny little space that no one prudes.


A comfortable position- lay on the bed or just keep switching your position in between reading.Get yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the cozy atmosphere.

         Keep your technology mode off and imagination mode on.


                  Avoid just reading :-

     Don’t read with the mindset of finishing a book. Feel every emotion that every word wants to convey. Try to interact with the book. Yeah, I know it sounds weird but that’s what I usually do. Go on, question that brown hard cover and get the answers out of it.

               I usually ramble a lot while reading books- “ Why is he not listening?” , “Is he deaf?” , “ Like dude, he is the murderer”. 

You’ll surly love this tip.


        Details, Details and Details :-

        Dare not miss out on tiny details. It may be the characters big brown eyes, abysmal gaze, rapid heartbeat, bloodshot gaze or whatever. Carry on the details and trust me, this little tip will do wonders.

           Every detail matters. Make them count.


   Imagination and day dreaming mode ON :-

Ah! don’t tell me you don’t imagine. Well, the pro tip to enjoy reading is to imagine the scenario, that plot twists and everything in between.

       Relive the story you’ve been reading. Imagine the cold winter night. the blazing sun and even the autumn.



Just feel the feeling the writer has felt.


    Build excitement :-

Excitement should not die. Keep feeding your excitement. When tired, don’t close the book where you feel bored. Rather try to close it when you feel  most excited to know what will happen next.

                Once you become an avid reader, you’ll not get tired easily nor you’ll be bored. But it will take some time.


       Just a touch of spotlight :-

 Who doesn’t want to learn a new word?

Well,no one.You can improve your vocabulary by highlighting the words that seems interesting. I consider it the best way to dive into the ocean of beautiful words.


       A book without some highlight words is just like a tasteless dish.

So, play up.


                    Over to you

      Grab your book and cherish it. Don’t forget to enjoy it though. Tell me about your reading goals for this year.

If you are struggling to choose a book, worry not. Here’s a list of poetry books  2018, best books of 2018,Dan Brown books,Karin slaughter books and relive the kid in you with books for kids.

Happy reading!!




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