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Saira Anwar|Interview with the best selling author.

She was a true fighter,you could see it in her eyes. She was not born strong,she was made strong. She was sculpted to be her own hero when the world let her down,and she kept picking herself back up .”

  I have always read and heard about strong women. But today I witnessed one ‘Saira Anwar’.The best selling author of ‘The death of a Beautiful Dream’ is one of the most inspiring woman.

            Life put her in difficult situations throwing curve balls at her but she was born a warrior.The girl who cherishes sunshine of Brisbane,Melbourne with a hope of living a happy life.But universe played its part and everything went contrary to what she thought.

            Saira was depressed and traumatized at that moment when her dreams shattered. She wrote her experiences with rose and lilies planting garden of poetry. The fragrance of her poetry made people heart blush.

_20180814_210319 Saira Anwar

             She emerged as an inspiring woman. Her book is a way of reaching out to those with similar experiences or otherwise.

        I am humbled and honoured to interview her. Woman like her make me ‘proud’


  1. I’ve read your journey and it’s very inspiring to many people out there. Do you consider writing as your healer or a motivation that helped to fight all obstacles and outshine?


              Yes, I do consider myself to be both, as my writing journey has been a healer for me itself. I use my passion of writing as a way to reach out to others going through similar experiences or otherwise through poetry.


2) You left Australia in 2011 and you mention that period depressed and traumatized. What was your attitude towards life in that particular phase?


                When I returned to the UK in 2011 my attitude to life was of a negative one, as I had my confidence taken away from me. I was suffering from post traumatic trauma. I was having nightmares, waking up screaming, crying. I didn’t want to go out, meet people. We would get visitors coming over to see me. Every time I spoke I would burst into tears.        

         Until one day my brother suggested I take up counselling. I turned to counselling. After my first session I decided to start writing. The therapy was writing all my feelings down and everything that happened. It then turned into poetry.

So I decided one day, I’ll continue and will publish a book.

_20180814_211646 @sairathepoet

3) Saira when you look back at your literary journey of being Best Selling Poet and motivator to millions. How does it feel?

                     If I knew it was going to take me two years or less to see a published book with my name on it, I wouldn’t have believed it. I would’ve laughed at you. I would’ve even given up had I known it would take that long – I’m glad though that I didn’t.

                    Looking back I feel privileged to be having a book out with my name on it. I still haven’t come to terms with the fact that I have a book with my name on it.

                             To have become a bestseller and within Amazon’s top 20, it was shocking to be honest. It was humbling to have achieved this for a book I thought i wouldn’t have ever published. This was only possible by those who purchased and supported the cause throughout the journey.

                 As for what it feels like to be a ‘motivator to millions’ – I feel honoured to be motivating people as my intent has and had always been to empower people through poetry. If it takes motivation to do that, then I feel like I’m achieving that. To make positive changes is why I do what I do. The fact that people can turn negatives to positives. How not everything is darkness, but light can always take over. Don’t get me wrong, there have been times where I didn’t feel like doing anything. But the readers, the fans, the supporters, and my best friend keep me going too. They have motivated me too.

                    For example, I’ve had messages from Gaza, Palestine and how I’ve helped them. Messages from Australia who shared their thoughts and like this many others.

                        In truth, the book and what I do right now, wouldn’t have be a reality without the help and support of my brother. He took my words, formatted it, gave me ideas, designed and self published the book for me through Amazon / Createspace. He designs and advises. He did the same for other poets too. I always say to him, he’s also a poet himself but always dismisses it.


4) What is your book ‘The Death Of A Beautiful Dream’ about and what do you think is the reason that people relate to it very much?

                          The collection covers a variety of themes predominantly those of love, marriage, betrayal, friendship and family ties. Focusing on the cruel realities of relationships, the poems express the hardship accompanying life changing experiences. The poems are aimed to be inspirational and educational.

                          The reason people relate to it very much is because they themselves have gone through similar experiences or otherwise and it helps them to find peace within and get closure.

_20180814_211233 @sairathepoet



5) If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

              Never give up on yourself. Follow your dreams and goals in life. Never allow others to put you down.


6) I loved the cover of your book. What was the idea behind that?

             The cover symbolises the struggle and pain of the journey I experienced. With the subtle addition of the tears and one half of the face. Again down to my brother.

_20180814_210305 book cover


7) How did you deal with negative reviews or ordeal?

                 I would deal with negative reviews and ordeals as learning curves. In life this is what happens, you have to learn to take it a pinch of salt. We can’t please everybody in life. We win some and lose some. Take a positive attitude towards negative reviews and ordeals, these are part of life and they do test us.

               For me they are a chance to improve. As I always say, “It is through pain we truly appreciate life’s tests.” (sairathepoet)

                 And as the great Rumi is quoted to have said in the words of Coleman Barks, “Everyone has been made for particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” So living a life of purpose means to fulfil the desire you have in your heart, whilst your faith gives you the strength to take it, fulfil it and reach great heights.


8) Who is your favourite author and why is it so?

             At present, my favourite author currently is Najwa Zebian, because her work is so amazing, powerful and I am able to relate to it. What she writes about and her positive approach to life is similar to myself and we have a lot of synergy. I’d love to do a collaboration with her one day.


9) Are there any tips for aspiring writers and people who admire you a lot (count me in)?

                   When you start your journey, be sure to know and understand what it is you want, have a target and achieve. What’s the intent? Everything you do will be dictated by this.

        Sure there will be some setbacks, but you just have to get back up – no matter how many times that maybe. Never let anyone put you down.

Always make sure you proof read before you make a final draft of your work. Make any changes you feel necessary, you can ask for feedback from other writers. They are there to help and support you and answer any of your questions you have about writing and how to get your work out there. Don’t be afraid asking for this.


10) At last, Saira any quote or poem from your book that’s right now lingering on your mind?

        My favourite from the book is ‘The Ocean of Hopes and Dreams’ which is always on my mind because it is based on a beach still vivid in my mind but also one that I remember well.


PS – I can’t decipher how honoured I feel right now. Saira is truly an inspiration to millions of people .I love the kind of support her brother has provided. A big thank you to her brother for providing us with such an amazing author. She has inspired me to never give up. In the end I have a message for her “ Hey Warrior, keep going .” Go grab her book, ‘a must read .’


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