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Self-help books that will help you to know about self- realization

                         I went to a bookstore and asked the salesman,”Where’s the self-help section?” She said that if she told me, it would defeat the purpose.

   ~George callin.


        Self-help is actually knowing what you feel and believe in any moment. Our minds are wired .We aren’t designed to do uncertain and scary things in our life. Even if it is in order to be best.


                                 Let’s imagine a scenario like you are in a meeting or in a conversation, an incredible idea comes in your mind. The micro moment you hesitate, your brain send signals that something is wrong.And it starts working to protect you.

             But you didn’t hesitate to put on your favourite sneakers, your favourite perfume and list goes on.The second you were trying to give an incredible idea.The mind went blank.The brain started sending signals called ‘spotlight effect’ for your protection.           

              you know the most difficult thing is to do little things that improve you. No one can help you until you want to help yourself.

                                Let me be loud and clear- Motivation is a garbage.You’ll never feel like doing things that are tough or scary.So, stop it till you feel it.

       You are only one decision away from a totally different life. The life you imagine. The life you want to live and the life you’re probably working for.

    just for once take the control of that micro moment,the moment you feel hesitated.

        why you need self-help?

                  Inspiration is for strangers. For you only you can motivate and inspire yourself. Resolving our own problems is known as Self-help or Self realization.

          There are many podcasts related to self-help that will probably motivate you. But being a book lover, I prefer it over any other thing. A book a day keeps the stress away. But also nothing can inspire you only you can do that.


           Best self-help books of all time:-


  •     7 Habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey:-

                                  published in 1989 continues to top the list. In case, you are looking for a revolutionised thinking to emerge. It is best for your professional and personal life.


  • Think & grow rich by Napolean Hill :-

                       The most amazing self-improvement book. Do you know suggestion can do wonders?

Yes, this book is an inspiration from the suggestion of business magnate and later philanthropist ANDREW CARNEGIE. It can develop your thinking about life and money. If you are looking for a personal development classes, worry not this is the best guide for you.


  • Rich Dad Poor Dad  by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechte :-

                         Want to improve your financial growth? this is the ultimate stop.This is #1 personal finance book of all time. It is the book loved by business man, entrepreneur as well as students.


  • The Compound effect by Darren Hardy :-

                             This book holds an essence of what every super achiever wants to know. It will tell you how to master and achieve the extraordinary success.No gimmicks, no magic bullets and no hyperbole. This book can shape your decisions and shape your destiny.


  • The 21 Irrefutable laws of Leadership by John C.Maxwell :-

                           Here comes my favourite one.In any critical situation in life, one thing you need to have is leadership quality. Be it in your personal or professional life. To develop and polish this quality, this book is a must read.


  •     Keep any promise : A blueprint for designing your future by Karim H.Ismail :-

                          Ah! this is hell of a crazy,bumpy ride. The promises or resolutions you make on new year. Well, I know you never keep them. But after this book you’ll see the difference. There is a pro tip- Do complete the work book. The secret lies there.

                There are thousands of books out there that’ll help you but the only reason lies in you helping yourself.


                          PS-  These are the books I’ve started reading and completed a few though. Trust me on this, just give a read to these books and it’ll do wonders for you. Any other book which is your favourite and skipped the list. Just let me know.

Stay positive.





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