Shefali Dang| Interview with the best editor, writer & inspiring mother

                 In between today’s hustle bustle life, how difficult it is to create a perfect balance. We all want to do so well in professional and personal front that we end up shaking the equilibrium. It seems impossible to keep a balance between job as well as family.

                             I realized these difficulties are faced by many people especially mothers. But guess what I’ve never seen a mother complaining about these things but rather enjoying them.

                           Ink this tagline though “I’ve learned that every working woman is a Superwoman ”. This is to all the mothers up there they’re doing an amazing job every single day. A miracle happened few days back when I got this amazing opportunity to know one of the amazing editors and a beautiful writer as well – ‘SHEFALI  DANG’.


Glimpse of Shefali’s life :-    

                          Born in India and brought up in different parts of world – Dubai, Moscow, USA and now she is settled in Toronto,Canada. She is happily a mother of two. Our favourite editor loves coffee and believes that she cannot function in the morning without it.

                          The first poem she inked was in 7 grade which was about a goat who wore a fur coat. Currently she is working on her very first book and also on WOMB 2 edition.

                IMG_9275 Shefali Dang

Interview with the beautiful Shefali Dang :-


1)  Shefali, you are blessed to be an amazing writer as well as an Editor. Which one do you love most?

                 I have had an intimate relationship with words since I was in grade 7. Editing has its own charm too, I am getting to learn a lot through editing but writing is always going to be my first love.


2) Being a mother. Is it easy or exhausting to maintain a balance between your family and editing work?

                            I have two wonderful kids who understand Mommy needs sometime to do her work. My husband is extremely supportive too. That being said there are times when it does get hard to maintain the balance but that is where the wonderful people I work with come in.

                       Everyone is so understanding and laid back, there is so much flexibility which allows me to be a mom and editor at the same time. Flexibility is always necessary at the core of any teamwork.


3) What, according to you is the common mistake writers are doing and any tips how to deal with that?

                              What I have noticed a lot lately is some people write for ‘likes’ on social media. Don’t get me wrong the number of likes you get are important to an extent but only to an extent. They do not define one’s talent. There are so many writers out there who are supremely talented but do not get as many likes, and that could be because of many reasons like less visibility or even the algorithm on instagram, but that doesn’t make their work any less fabulous.

                    Yet they keep writing because they do not care about the number of likes. I get to read such wonderful work by lesser known writers because of the editing pages I am associated with, which I may have missed out on otherwise.

Quote by shefali

                       Write what gives you peace or gets your creative juices flowing or what makes you happy and that will definitely reflect in your words. Write for yourself before anyone else.


4) I’ve got some exciting rumour of you are publishing a book soon. So, how long are you planning to gift us that?

                    Yes! I have just started working on my book. I hope to publish it by this year end or beginning of next year.


5) What you consider as your writing kryptonite?

                         I simply cannot write what I do not feel or have felt at some point in my life or something that I do not believe in. I find it hard to write something just for the sake of writing.

Quote by Shefali Dang

                         But my work doesn’t always reflect what I am feeling at that moment. It could be something I felt many years ago. Somewhere that makes me emotionally connected to every word I write.


6) Who is your biggest motivation and why is it so?

             To write? No one and everyone. There is no specific person who is my motivation yet everything in life and around me is inspiring and motivates me to write.

Quote by Shefali Dang

7) Which is your favourite book and author. Is there any specific reason?

There are two books that I think will always remain in my favourites list –

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

                I read them both at different stages of my life and both had a profound impact on me and changed the way I look at life.


8) Are you an extrovert or introvert in your editing profession?

           Definitely a mix of introvert and extrovert in person but in editing I think I’m mostly extrovert.


9) Which one’s your favourite quote written by you that inspires you most?

Queen – It is not a title. It is a state of mind.

Quote by Shefali Dang


10) Do you want your children to indulge in the same profession or just chase their dreams?

I want my kids to pursue their own dreams, whatever they might be.


       PS – To be honest, being a working mom is empowering. It pretty much rocks! These amazing lines by Stephanie Block always left me speechless. But the secret was unveiled today. This amazing talk will be cherished forever. All the best Shefali for your upcoming projects.
Thank you for giving your valuable time. Sending loads of love and warm wishes.                                        


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