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Surf Excel Holi ad & Kite Runner|fostering communal peace

Before the festival of colours could make a grand entry, a gesture from Surf Excel came in the form of an advertisement. On February 27, one-minute ad titled ” Rang laye Sang” ( colours bring us together) based on communal harmony hit the market.

The people and their opinions differ at every point and so is the case with this ad. While some of the people praised and applauded this gesture, other’s simply went against it. The hashtag included #boycottsurfexcel trended and company received many backlashes.

This story also reminds me of the most popular controversial novel “The Kite Runner” by Khalid Hosseini. The readers also shared the perspective of loving it while some went on to hating it. They both gave us a view of communal harmony at some points. Read on to find what went with both the sources.

Why the Surf excel ad was boycotted?

Before I tell you the reason why the people are against it. I’ll let you know what exactly was the ad about.

In this ad, a little hindu girl dressed in white tee is seen getting drenched in colours. But instantly,it came out that she was protecting her muslim friend who was going for prayers. She dropped him off without getting him coloured. And the ad ended on a good note

Here’s some glimpse of the holi ad. ( source-youTube)

In case, you missed the show.

Surf excel’s #RangLayeSang

Surf excel’s Ramzan ad.

The brand has not produced a heartwarming ad for the first time. On 10 june, 2016, another amazing ad on the occasion of Ramzan hitted the screen with hashtag #madadekibadat that means helping others is also a prayer.

In this, we see a cute little boy wearing a white kurta went for celebrating Ramzan. He catched the sight of an old man struggling with his barrow that has sweets. The kids carried all the sweets in the hem of their kurta and helped the old man to sell all the sweets.

The banners of the surf excel ad’s always contain Dhag ache hain ( stains are good). Here are few glimpses from this ad.

In case, you want to relive memory.

Surf excels’s #madadekibadat

Reasons why the surf excel’s ad received backlash.

The various perspectives of people that came in view after this viral ad are-

  • It is supporting Love Jihad. Mostly people said they have a problem as why the girl is hindu and boy is muslim. Why it is not the muslim girl and hindu boy?
  • It is hurting the sentiments of Hindus.Holi is not a festival that scares muslims. Why the ad is showing as the holi colours are bad?
  • Some people say that the ad is completely Biased and judgemental.
  • Many people tweeted that this ad is attacking the culture of India.

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“The Kite runner” – a popular controversial novel.

The criticism is served equally, doesn’t matter if it is an advertisement or a novel. In the year 2003, Khaled Hosseini came up with a novel that achieved instant and overwhelming success. It has translated in over 40 languages and sold across 70 countries. It was on the New York Times Best Sellers list for more than 100 weeks.

Souce – oceanofpdf

The story started with two childrens who are best friends – Amir and Hassan. Amir was the child of a rich merchant in Kabul while Hasan was a hazara – the despised impoverished caste. They were together from the time they were born.

The story went on as Amir wanted to make his father proud. So, the both friends participated in a local kite fight tournament.Hasan was the best kite runner in the town. Amir was of the view that by winning this tournament his father will value him a little more and see his worth.

The turning point..

The time Hasan was trying to get the kite. He was sexually assaulted by Aseef which left him devastated. The eyewitness of this whole thing was Amir but he was too scared to intervene. The story further revolves around the theme of betrayal and redemption.

The guilt of not saving his friend is carried by Amir throughout the story and he avoided Hasan many times. However , Hasan didn’t tell anyone about what happened back there. Amir tried to get rid of the Hasan and made him the culprit of stealing his money. But Ali ( Hasan’s father) and Hasan left the house despite the request of Baba (Amir’s father).

After five years…

The story embarks the graduation of Amir and his marriage. Amir and his father escaped to Peshawar, Pakistan when Soviet Union militarily intervened in Afghanistan. Now, they both live in Fremont, California. Amir is later shown as a succesful novelist. Fifteen years after his wedding,he receives a call from Rahim khan ( baba’s friend).

The story then takes many twists and turns in which Amir is trying to save the child of Hasan. He also learns various truths about his father. Then, the story ends on a good note as Amir adopts the child of Hasan.

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Why this book created controversy?

  • As this book was added to the 10th grade curriculum. Many parents opposed it by saying that this book is challenging for the kids who are going on the stage of puberty.
  • Depicting the rivalry between Hazaras and Pashtuns.
  • According to the reports of American Book Association , it was the fourth most challenged book.
  • The film was banned in Afghanistan as it stirs ethical tension, sexual predation and rivalry.
  • It also received backlashes from certain parents and board members because of it’s sexual content and graphic depiction.

Positive outlook of surf excel ad and the kite runner.

Though these sources received a lot of criticism but there are many people who came forward and lauded these concepts. Let’s throw a little light on these positive aspects.

A) Surf Excel Holi ad

  • Encouraging communal peace, this ad became the most loved ad receiving over 10M views and over 127k likes.
  • Many people said that this ad touched their heart and they feel while media is separating people ,advertisement is uniting them.
  • People are appreciating the gesture of surf excel and demanding a new advertisement on every festival.

B) The Kite Runner

  • It has received love from almost 70 countries and people can read it in over 40 languages. Indeed, an achievement for this novel.
  • Readers found it quite appealing. They said that these kind of books increase their love for books.
  • The plot layout is so well written. The way it does justice to friendship, betrayal and redemption.

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Quotes of The Kite Runner that’ll help you know life a little deeper.

Nothing is free.

When you kill a man, you steal a life. You steal his wife’s right to a husband, rob his children of a father. When you tell a lie, you steal someone’s right to the truth. When you cheat, you steal the right to fairness.

The problem, of course, was that [he] saw the world in black and white. And he got to decide what was black and what was white. You can’t love a person who lives that way without fearing him too. Maybe even hating him a little.But better to get hurt by the truth than comforted with a lie.

》 A boy who won’t stand up for himself becomes a man who can’t stand up to anything.

》Love is a delicate thing that needs to be cosseted and protected. Love is not robust and love is not unyielding.

》It’s wrong to hurt even bad people. Because they don’t know any better, and because bad people sometimes become good.

》 And that’s the thing about people who mean everything they say. They think everyone else does too.

pS – It’s good to see art is finally doing what it is meant to do- binding people into a one big family, removing hate and spreading communal peace and happiness. Happy holi to everyone and I am leaving you with some questions. Comment your thoughts.


  1. What do you think about such gestures that spread communal peace. Are they successful enough?
  2. Do you think surf excel ad campaign was just a thoughtful ad or it had something to do with Love jihad?
  3. Have you read “The Kite Runner”.Do you think the ending of story is right or what exactly you think the ending would be?


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