Woman | Cracked yet beautiful | spoken poetry

     I take great proud in being a woman. The  same proud I feel to see my women dreaming and achieving their goals. It’s an ecstatic happiness something abysmal. This is to all the wonderful girls reading this.

You are nothing yet everything,

You are one and all,

You are drop and the ocean,

You are queen and a warrior.



Within her fingers a smile lingers,
She binds people in one big family.
copulating with their roots.
Action speaks more than words,
Don’t take her for mutes.

Within her nails heaven prevails.
She is growing from a little girl,
to a woman of substance,
Admire her elegance.

Question her fragility,

answers with audacity.

Just like her knuckles she can punch,
your thought of taming her.
She is yin to her family,

and yang to her foe.
you can’t stop her flow,

neither restrain her glow.

With her palm she keeps you calm,

the moment stormy thoughts realm.
She gives you right path,

when you stick to wrong,
She provide you care,

when you feel intensely fear.

World bows down to,
Saline soul yet,
Many pains worn as rosette,
Aura resembles accretion,
Nabbing her dreams with affection,
Honouring the path giving,
Oasis to alone,
Outpouring love even to demon.
Diverse are her roles.

A canvas was anticipated,
Adding all glory it was painted,
Giving a name woman,
Epitome of perfection was created,
Soft yet rough

Tender and tough,
She fought thousands of battles
Her hands are cracked yet beautiful.



Ps- Thank you for reading this and giving your valuable time. Hope you liked this one.

Keep spreading love like herpes.



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